Francis Bacon

inventor of the scientific method

Francis Bacon 1561-1626

He grew up in France and later moved to London.

He wrote more than 30 philosophical works, and other legal, popular, scientific, and historical books and essays. He became very famous for his speeches at Parliament, and he was a lawyer in a lot of famous trials. He served as Lord Chancellor, of England under King James I.

Scientific Method

Observe-some aspects of the universe

Hypothesize-about what you observed

Prediction-something based on yur hypothises

Test-your prediction through experiments and observation

Modify-hypothesis in light of results

A Fine Writer

As a good writer, Bacon contributed to the scientific revolution in the 17th century. Bacon holds a prominent place in literature and philosophy. He often attempted more than he could finish. In addition to his uncompleted Novum Organum, he planned six volumes of natural history, but completed only two. In 1610, he published The New Atlantis, a fiction work on the ideal state. But he left many works incomplete.