Coal Energy

By Daylen Hayden

How is this reasource formed and how it's used

Coal is made from dead plants and covered in water and dirt. Heat and pressure help by combining the dead plants, water, and dirt.


Coal is ready made fuel and it's cheap to mine and convert into energy. Coal last longer than oil or gas. Coal is easy to burn and light.


A couple disadvantages are coal has acid and that acid can be turned into acidic rain. Next coal mining can scar the landscape. Finally there are limited coal pockets.

Where is this resource mostly found

Coal is found mostly in 27 states in the United States and those states are Montana, Kentucky, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Wyoming, Ohio, West Virginia, Colorado

Are there any harmful effects to the earth from creating and using this energy

Coal makes carbon which take clean air and shouldn't we keep using call we will not have any clean-air left and if we keep cutting down trees.

Is this energy renewable or nonrenewable and what you can do to preserve it

Nonrenewable because it is hard to make and take a long time to form. You can use efficient bulbs for lighting. You can also use insulation on walls and cables.