Miep Gies

Miep Gies's life


Miep Gies was one of the two people to help the Franks and the Van Daans go into hiding. She would bring them food and anything else they needed. Miep risked her life for more than two years.

Details Of Mieps Life

Miep died at the age od 100. If it wasnt for Miep Gies the world wouldnt of know of Anne Frank. Miep once said "it is our human duty to help those who are in trouble". Miep tried to rescue the Franks after they were taken, she tried to bribe the Austrain SS Officer. Mieps maeeage in her Wallen-Berg lecture was one of hope; " i feel strongly that we should not wait for our politicl leaders to make this world a better place".

Mieps early life

At the age of 11 Miep, recovered from tuberculosis and suffering from poor nutrition, and was sent to live with a family in Amsterdam. Miep was born in 1909 in Vienna Australia. Miep was given the name of Hermine Santrouchitz . Miep married her boyfriend Jan Gies in 1941.

Mieps late life

After the Franks and Van Daans were taken Miep went up to the attic and got all of Anne's writings, t return to Anne when she came back. When Miep heard about Anne's death she gave all of the writings to Otto Frank. Miep says "Every year on the 4th of August I close my curtains and don't answer the telephone or the doorbell because that is the day my friends were taken" .

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