How Computers Work

This is all about computers. Hope you enjoy!


Computers are devices that helps you in many different ways like making charts and a lot more! Computers also help you if you don't know something. Nowadays we use computers at work and a computer can also help you in school. And if you want to learn more about computers read on!

Mother Board

A motherboard is the heart of the computer. It is also called

Main board, main circuit board and system board. The input, output and GPU is all connected to the motherboard. Everything else is also connected to the mother board.


A cpu is like a brain of the computer. Aka CPU chip, Processor, microprocessor. CPU controls most of the Computers functions. There is almost always a kind of fan on top of the CPU. The CPU is the main component in a computer. It is a hard devise. This is the CPU fan----------->

This is a CPU fan that cools the CPU when its very hot and it makes it not overheat and break.

Operating systems

A operating system is the software that supports a computer's basic functions like Apple and Windows.
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A drive is a date storage device which can be used for storing or retrieving data that you need. You can also store data on a usb drive. The good thing about usb drives is its little and light and easy to carry however the bad thing about it is that it is small size so you can easily lose it and secondly the storage capacity is limited.


Monitors, which is an output device, are one of the reasons why you can see something on the screen and then you can play and do everything on the computer. This is an mac monitor ----------->

RAM and ROM and graphics cards

RAM is a abbreviation that means Random Access Memory and ROM is a abbreviation that means Read Only Memory. If you have a large memory that means that you have a massive RAM and RAM works on the background of the computer processing data and more RAM can help you with your computer being faster. However if you shut down the computer or laptop the RAM memory deletes its self. ROM only lets you read something not edit it like sometimes in word it says that it is only real only. A graphics card is a card that makes you monitor not pixelated and it also makes your computer run faster so if you want to play a high quality game you will need a very good graphics card.

Input and Output

Input devices are a signal to the computer (back at the CPU) to do something and output device are receiving a signal from the computer (back at the CPU). For example the computer will give an action to a printer (output device) to print data from the computer.

Touch screens

Touch screens are very handy like on an iPad it is very useful. It is very easy to control and it is easy to understand very fast. A downside about touch screen on the computer is that it takes extra power so that means your computers will run out of battery faster than it usually does. Also the screen gets very dirty if you keep touching it and if your wearing something on your hands its hard to control.
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Alan Turing

Alan Turing was a famous mathematical genius and he was very good in computers. He made a computer to decode the German messages in World War 2 and helped England by decoding the German messages so they knew where the Germans were and where they were going to attack.

Tim Berners-Lee

Tim Berners-Lee was a computer scientist that was born 8th June 1955. He invented the World Wide Web in 1989. In 2004,Tim Berners-Lee was knighted by Queen Elizabeth 2 for his hard work and hard dedication of creating the www that means the World Wide Web.

4th generation of computers

What the first generation took up a whole room the fourth generation could fit into a adults hand and then when the computers became more powerful they started inventing internet.


Overall computers are amazing in what they do. Like make you play video games and much more. They are used in school and at work,everywhere. Computers have changed the whole society and nowadays when you do homework and you don't know an answer you look it up on the internet.

That was all that thank you for watching and reading.

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