I Want That Job!

By Chloe Powell

What They Do

Paremedics are always ready 24/7 for an emergency. They do trauma care and perform CPR on dying patients. They go on rescue missions if they can't transport the patient too. Paremedics are always on their toes. in emergencies, they have to be super calm and collected, even when they're in danger. Speaking of danger, paremedics risk their lives in some situations to save others. It's the most daring job.

How To Get It

Being a paramedic requires an education. First, you have to graduate high school, then acquire 50 credit hours in college. Besides an education, you have to have the ability to keep calm, collected, and have good communication skills during emergencies. You have to withstand chaotic environments. Nobody wants the person who is saving their life freaking out, not knowing what to do! Not only do you have the honor of saving somebody's life, it provides you with the money to eat dinner, live in a house, and pay for your clothing. Being a paramedic pays $45,230 a year. Other than being in a hospital, other companies hire paramedics like the U.S. Navy, Medcor, and the American Medical Response. People are loving this job more and more. This job is in high demand! To do what you want, there's always a price!