Course Description

Health is a semester course that will guide students through the many dimensions of wellness. Students will develop skills needed in confronting difficult situations; understand health prevention and promotion techniques that will establish a solid personal health education; and become health literate in making positive and healthy decisions.

Policies and Procedures

  • Be Prompt
  • Be polite
  • Be prepared
  • Abide by the Full Value Contract

Essential Questions

  1. What do I need to do to stay healthy?
  2. How and where do I find health information and resources?
  3. What can I do to avoid or reduce health risks?
  4. What influences my health behaviors and decisions?
  5. How can communication enhance my personal health?
  6. How do making good decisions keep me healthy?
  7. How do I use the goal-setting process to improve my health?
  8. What can I do to promote accurate health information and healthy behaviors?

Grading Policy

Daily: 50% - drop lowest daily grade

Tests/Projects: 50%


Folder with brads

Notebook Paper

Pens (blue or black ink) / Pencils

Map colors

Kleenex (classroom bonus)