Zero Based Budgeting

What do we need?

Need vs Want

We all want things. Staff is no different. You see a catalogue and think that would be nice. Your principal asks, "would you like new desks?" Yes, of coarse. In zero based budgeting we are asking the questions to staff, "What is it you will need in August 2013 to May 2014 to make your classroom environment meet the needs of the students at Mooseheart?"

Making a list and noting the cost

To begin with, we need help from everyone who make a requisition and spends money from the Mooseheart School Budget. What do we subscribe to (Rediker, AimsWeb, Curriculum Mapper, Stanford, ACT, MAP, etc)? Who do we belong to (IHSA etc)? Who are we contracted with (officials, schools, conference, ROTC, etc.)? and what do we want for our school (books, supplies, technology, AV equipment, etc)?

Brainstorming the What/Who?

What Gets Measured Gets Done

Priorities are often noted by the money we spend

The things Moosheart staff finds value in are going to be supported by the money they want to spend. As a committee we need to pay close attention to the requests. How do they help meet the mission of Mooseheart school?