Western Exploration by Europeans

New lands


During 1500-1600 discovery and exploration to find new land was very popular. Some say it was started by Columbus, but it was a huge collect group that all went on missions to explore that would take months on end. Most think they only landed on the what we now call United States. But really they landed all over the Americas: Mexico south America and north america Canada and more.

the Big Confusion

But some people say that the Europeans where the first to find the Americas but really they may have been even the a hundredth!! Nomads from Russia may have sailed to Alaska and started to populate Canada and the Americas people from Australia and also may others from all over. But the Europeans where the first to "claim" it for themselves, totally ignoring all the natives.


Many ask this question was it a genocide or was it accidental? Well first no one knows we all have are opinions but no one knows exactly. Because of false rumors we have a different image than what natives would when they think of western colonization. many say over 75% of their population died from diseases and war but really we do not know the exact number of natives it started with. Some also argue they didn't mean to kill them, but they still did kill a lot of them.

Wrap Up

So Just remember when you say that Europeans were the first remember natives where there first. And also because of the Europeans many natives died from diseases and other. Many suffered because of it and many became rich and healthy because of it it has its pros and cons. Another thing is that there are not to many accounts of what exactly happened.