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November 30, 2014

Video Update

Thanksgiving Basket Update
Dodgeball Update

Student Council

Giving Back

The student council held a contest to provide thanksgiving food baskets to those families in our area that needed assistance. The first hour class in each grade who collected the most non-perishable food received a pizza party courtesy of Yale Sunrise Marathon. Overall, the Junior High collected 25 overflowing baskets! Thanks to all who participated and a special thanks to Yale Sunrise Marathon.

The winning first hour classes were: Mrs. Barrett (6th), Ms. Biondo (7th), and Mrs. Macias (8th).

Homework Help

Wednesday, Dec. 3rd 2014 at 2:30-4:30pm

198 School Dr

Yale, MI

This opportunity is held every Wednesday for students who need some extra help understanding their subject, with assignment completion, and/or who need some tutoring. We will have a highly qualified teacher as well as High School National Honor Society and 8th grade National Junior Honor Society students attending.

Lions International Peace Poster Contest

Poster Results

Winner: Anthony Cachola

Runner Up: Jodi Protasiewicz

Honorable Mention: Rachel Falls, Haley Owen, Felicia Ruck, and Brenna Austin

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P.T.O. Meeting to Follow

Wednesday, Dec. 17th 2014 at 6:15pm

198 School Dr

Yale, MI

Once again, December will have no Parent Information Night Meeting (P.I.N.). However, there will be a P.T.O. meeting.

STAFF SPOLIGHT - Mrs. Morency / Mrs. Sheldon

Thanksgiving Lunch

Mrs. Morency's class put together a full Thanksgiving meal for parents and staff. The students in her class were responsible for preparing the dishes. It turned out delicious!

Mr. Keith Kodet

Mrs. Sheldon's brother, Mr. Kodet, came to visit Mrs. Morency and Sheldon's classes to speak about his job as a rescue diver for the St. Clair County Dive Team. He brought the necessary equipment with him and not only spoke about his job, but also showed the students the equipment and how it worked. As you can see in the pictures below, it was an engaging time that the students were excited about.

Mrs. Sheldon's Writing Club

The students in Mrs. Sheldon's Writing Club raised funds towards Blood Water Mission. Below is a thank you card we received. This is just another opportunity that our students and staff chose to assist others who are in need.
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Yale Junior High PTO

Next Meeting: October 23rd after PIN Meeting in the Media Center

1. Download Shoparoo to your mobile device. You will scan any grocery, fuel, or non-grocery receipt. We also have a Yale Junior High PTO page on Facebook, please like us!

Be sure to select Yale Junior High

2. Drop your Vinckier Food receipts in the boxes designated “Yale Junior High” at the Yale location or here at the Junior High School. (Be sure to snap a picture through Shoparoo first! DOUBLE POINTS FOR US!)

3. Please donate ANY AND ALL used ink cartridges and cell phones (even if they are damaged) by bringing them into the office. We will be recycling them and receiving money for our media center in exchange!

4. Sign Up for GFS Fun Funds

5. Sign Up for Meijer Rewards

6. Collect Aunt Millies labels and remit to the office.

7.VOLUNTEER YOUR TIME! JOIN US AT OUR NEXT MEETING or assist us in counting Vinckier Rewards or Aunt Millies labels.

“Like” us on Facebook – Yale Junior High PTO (click on 'YJH PTO' above to link to the page)

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1st Marking Period Honor Roll

This image is small,l and I apologize. I will attach a PDF of this in my email.
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Summary & Winners

Thanks to those who assisted, we raised over $2400 to help support end of the year trips and other student expenses. The following are the students who won awards:

Top Seller: Katrina Lossing - won an MP4 player

Drawing Winner: Stephen Emmitt - won a $25 iTunes gift card

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