November Holidays

What we celebrate in Poland in the month of November

All Saints' Day - 1 November

On 1st November we have a tradition of going to cemeteries and visiting graves of all our relatives, ancestors and family friends. We put colourful lights on the graves, and also a lot of flowers or wreaths. If we cannot travel far to visit graves situated a long way from where we are, we can put lights next to the main cross statue. A lot of people do that! On this day our cemeteries are very bright and colourful until late at night!


At the end of the 18th century Poland lost its independence and it disappeared from the maps of Europe. We again appeared as an independent country on 11th November 1918. Since then we have celebrated this day as our Independence Day. At schools we have special celebrations, we sing songs about our country, we display national flags and there are parades in most cities.

ST. ANDREW'S NIGHT - 30 November

On 30th November we have a special night when we can find out about our future. There are a lot of games and ways to tell fortune. The most popular is by hot wax onto cold water. When the wax hardens, you take it out and cast its shadow onto the wall. The shape of the shadow tells you a lot about your future.

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