Stop Spam before it stops you!

Unsolicited messages

If you've ever had an email, I'm sure you have had an unwanted email before. Emails that are sent without your permission are called spams. The low cost of the spams makes it easier for the spammers, and it encourages them to send a huge number of messages and emails. Not only do spams cost money, but they take up a lot of time, such as sorting through the emails. Every time you go on your email and receive at least 5 unwanted messages, it can be petty annoying to have to delete every one of those messages. One way to stop virus from spreading, is by not opening the email that was sent to you. Some viruses may not do any harm to your computer, but others could greatly damage your computer by erasing or changing information.
Some ways to avoid Spams:
-Never reply to your unwanted emails
-Do not open an email attachment unless you know who it's from
-Delete emails immediately if you don't know the person who sent it
-Use email programs that have built in spam filters
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