Spring Break 2015

Written by Noor Chowdhry 3/16/15

Spring Break

This spring break was short and packed but fun. I got to go to San Antonio since the summer because of my sister. I also got to go back to Austin since the summer. However it was my first time at SXSW. I aslo got the chance to revisit Enchanted Rock after a few years. Overall I had a blast in Spring Break.

Spring Break

San Antonio

My family and I mainly went to San Antonio for one day to do apartment hunting for my sister becauase she will be going to dental school there. After we saw all the apartments, we made our way down to the Riverwalk. We took our time and walked around. Finally we got exhausted and found a place to eat. Our dinner came quickly and we got to enjoy dinner on the riverwalk.

SXSW atx

When we arrived in Autstin, we went into downtown. My brother wanted to go to the SXSW interactive music, film festival. SXSW it a well known festival that occurs once a year in Austin, TX. Many famous celebrities come to Austin for this event. The streets were very loud and crowded. While we were there, we attended some music concerts. There were cool tents set up with things to do. We had fun visiting downtown Austin.

Enchanted rock atx

When we were in austin, we vistited our family friends. We all got together to go climb a rock known as enchanted rock. Over there, we climbed the humongous, steep rock, it was very tiring. The way up to the rock was unbeliveable because we were in a really high in altitude. One our way down, I had fallen and scaped my thumb. When we finally reached the bottom, we did a bbq. I had fun but by the end I was very exhausted.