The Tundra Biome

Information about the Tundra Biome

This is a picture of a tundra biome

Abiotic Factors

Light, Air, Wind, Gases, Sun, Temperature.

Biotic Factors/ Animal Life

Snow Birds, Arctic Foxes, Norway Lemming, Polar Bear, Snowy Owl


In the tundra is is very cold all the time and the warmest it gets is about 50 degrees. The land is covered in ice and snow all year long because the temperature is cold. All the animals have thick layers of fur to keep them warm. The soil is frozen black & mucky made out of disintegrated rock and humus. In the tundra they get 10'' a year and since it's so cold it is mostly snow or ice. The tundra is known for being the coldest of the biomes.

How do humans Help and Harm the Tundra

Help: There has been more learned about the Arctic and its biodiversity in recent years.


  1. Because of extreme temperatures most animals get their nutrients from organic decaying material.
  2. The tundra biome is considered a carbon dioxide sink because it stores more carbon than it gives off.
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