The Raven Flyer

March 23, 2015

Be the One...Ambassador!


Gr. 4 (Writing)-5(Reading) STAAR Training-March 25 at 3:30. If you are expected to attend the training, you will receive a registration email. If you are asked to attend the training, you're either a test administrator, proctor, or substitute.

Gr. 4 Writing STAAR-Monday,March 30, Tuesday, March 31

Gr. 5 Reading STAAR-Tuesday, March 31

I will publish a school-wide general STAAR protocol (reminders, etc. much like when we took the benchmarks) by Wednesday, March 25. Specials schedule should remain the same for Monday/Tuesday for all non-testing grades. Students that are testing will not have Specials on their testing days. We want our extended time friends to take their time. It should be communicated to all students that STAAR Days are their biggest, most important work days of the year.

It's a Raven Thing!

Be the One ! The BISD Way!

The Standards Based Teacher...

  • Follows BISD Curriculum

  • Monitors Student Mastery

  • Engages Learners

  • Provides SE-Based Environment

  • Uses Aligned Assessments

  • Delivers Aligned Instruction

  • Plans Aligned Units


Teach bell to bell.

Effectively question.

Ask students to justify answers.

Closely monitor.

Have a bell ringer.

Lesson Plans should be completed in Forethought by each deadline. After team lessons have been revised per coach feedback, it is expected and required that you move the plans into your personal planner prior to the week they are taught. Thanks for your help with this.

As you plan, use these additional questions to guide your planning:

  1. What do we want students to learn?

  2. How will we know that they have learned it?

  3. How will we plan and deliver quality instruction so that students are likely to learn it the first time?

  4. How will we respond when students have already learned it?

  5. How will we respond when some students have not learned it?

In response to #3, I DO, WE DO, YOU Do is our focus.

I've included a link below to some excellent videos found at the Teach Like a Champion website. They're all really good, but watch the one titled, Checking for Understanding. It is spot on as an example of mastery check and correcting the error until you get it right.

Plan to Increase Rigor and Alignment

Thank you for your hard work. One piece of the plan is immediate attention and feedback when lack of rigor or misalignment is present. A document has been shared with each grade level to make this communication and documentation transparent to the grade level. This document can be added to by the cabinet and grade level. Holding one another accountable will make the difference.

Goal Setting Conversations

In grades 4-5, students should be aware of their STAAR scores from last year. Writing it at the top of their goal setting pages would be ideal. Each time they take a unit test and/or benchmark, they should measure their performance against last year’s score. Are they scoring higher than last year? Encourage them to think about this each time. In all other grades, trying to beat their previous unit test score or fluency rate should be the goal.

Every day, in every way, we are getting better and better!


Turn in your attendance notes to Ms. Godfrey by 8:05. Every parent of every student is called by Ms. Godfrey or Mrs. Sykes to try to boost our attendance.

CKH and Conscious Discipline

Teacher-“My job is to keep you safe!”

Student- “My job is to help keep it that way!”

Does your social contract need tweaking along the way? Do you need to add something that the students continue to struggle with? Tracking the speaker? No side conversations?

"Expose your students to extraordinary experiences and they will reward you with extraordinary results." Dave Burgess, Teach Like a Pirate

Special Education/504

Please bring your binder to the ARD/504 meetings. Remember that the binder is the best place to file examples of modified work for documentation and helps us to make informed decisions about needed accommodations/modifications. Within a school day, new IEP’s, modifications/accommodations etc. will be provided to you and they should filed in your binder. If you do not receive them, contact the student’s case manager.

Dress Code-Classroom teachers are the first line of defense!

Are you setting a good example?

As a reminder, if you wear leggings or tights to work, your shirt or dress must be to your knee or longer.

Students should be sent to the office by 8:15 a.m.

I Can Statements

Don't forget to post I can statements on work posted in hallway. Remember that the work posted in the hallway should be each student's best work. Proud of you for making use of our wall real estate!

Food for thought...Are the I can statements and work posted in the hallways an illustration and reflection of the RIGOR in your classroom assignments? If not, make this a goal!

Content objectives should be displayed in student friendly language (I can) on board, chart or wall and be visible to the student. The content being taught should match a posted I can statement. Language objectives should begin with I will and be aligned to the instruction. I will statements are beneficial, not only for ELL students, but for under-resourced learners, as well.


Being on time for duty is critical to the safety of our children!

See Houston Faculty Calendar for DATES TO REMEMBER and UPCOMING MEETINGS… See personal calendars for ARD’s and 504’s.

Please refer to the Houston Faculty calendar and your personal calendar daily/weekly as a reference!

Affirmations and Birthdays!

Happy Birthday...

3/25-HB, Lindsey Garcez!

3/29-HB, Karen Morgan!

Thanks to everyone who remained positive and flexible on Friday before we left for the break.

A big thank you to Amy Marshall for taking the lead on getting us all pumped up to finish the school year strong! Surprises are in store!

Always want to know if someone deserves an affirmation...Send them my way and I'll include them in the weekly message.