Shake Up Your Health in 2016

Join my New Year's Accountability Group!

Get ready to make a BIG change in 2016!

This accountability group is for people who are ready to COMMIT to taking back your life and getting healthy in the New Year. The challenge will run from Monday, January 4 through Sunday, January 31.
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New Year’s Resolutions are tough, because a year is an awfully long time to commit to anything. It’s great to have long term goals, but the way to reach them is by setting smaller, more manageable goals and focusing on those. This year let’s do something new and commit to just ONE month. We can do anything for one month!


When you join this TEAM of people who share in the same journey, you are committing to showing up every day, being accountable and holding others accountable as well. For the month of January, we are your new family. For one month we will have each others backs, and promise NOT to quit on each other.


For one month you will commit to a Beachbody workout program of your choice. There's a program for every fitness level and every busy schedule (see below for some great options). Each program comes with a schedule of workouts and a variety of DVDs so you never get bored and never do the same workout two days in a row. You also get a meal plan and nutrition guide.

For the duration of this challenge, we also will replace one meal or snack per day with Shakeology. Shakeology is a one-of-a-kind product. Each shake is dense with nutrition, free of chemicals, rich with super-foods and will super-charge your health and weight loss efforts.

All of our interaction will take place in a private Facebook group, and the workouts can be done anywhere you have a dvd player and about a 6' square space.

If you are consistent and commit to just ONE month, you will see major changes. However, if you give this your all and do not feel you are where you want to be at the end of our challenge, you can get a full refund for the cost of the exercise program and Shakeology, even if you have used up the whole bag.

How do I join?

  1. You will need to create a free account on my website at (click JOIN)
  2. You will need to purchase a 30 day supply of Shakeology*
  3. You will need access to a Beachbody program*
  4. Once you’ve ordered, click here to join our private Facebook group

*If you need both, I can help you choose the right Challenge Pack for you that includes a workout program and a month's supply of Shakeology. Let’s talk about your goals and your time constraints, and we’ll find the perfect program for you that you will LOVE doing.

If you need help selecting a program, please fill out the form below!

Here are a few of the Beachbody workouts you can choose:

Click the link to purchase if you see the program you'd like to follow for our challenge!
Shakeology Ingredients: Tony Horton Checks Out Shakeology

About Fit Coach Gillis

I’m a wife and mother of 2 adorable boys. I’m originally from the Midwest (Go Jayhawks!) and lived/worked in NYC for years pre-baby. Now I live in suburban NJ, where I’m also a realtor and a Beachbody coach. I’ve been an ‘on and off’ exerciser for years. I’m now in my 40s and ever since college I’ve had my struggles with maintaining a healthy weight. I’ve been just about every size available at some point in my life! After I had my first child I really struggled to lose the weight and just hated how I felt. I did eventually lose the baby weight, although gained back 10 pounds pretty quickly and stayed there for several years. Then I got pregnant with my second child and really did not want to feel so bad about myself after this pregnancy. When my baby was 10 weeks old I started the Focus T25 program, my first exposure to Beachbody, and it made me feel so good! I lost almost all the baby weight in that first round of T25, then proceeded to Insanity, then another round of T25, then tried Shakeology and got hooked! Shakeology helped me lose the last few baby pounds and then some. I am still a ‘work in progress’ and am nowhere near a hardbody (yet!), but I am definitely a believer in the Beachbody products and philosophy. Having the help of a coach and the accountability of the challenge groups really made the difference for me, and I love that I can help others on their health journeys as well.