Possibly Extinct Hawaii Honey creeper

Every morning I wake up in big island. I am not very active, I am a fairly slow moving honey creeper But I have good stamina, Im able to cover great amounts of land. I travel within the islands on a regular basis. I am the most mobile species of honey creeper. For food I would normally eat fruit and sometimes I eat bugs also. I have to be careful of mosquitos because they cary diseases that can kill me. Over time my habitat has became harder to live in on the big island. Lava destroyed my last home which caused me and all the others in my species to fly higher on the mountain. There isn't much of us left anymore or any at all.

Something that could possibly help our species is maybe trying to bring the species together so more mating can happen and reproduce more. The Kauaʻi Forest Birds Recovery Plan was published in 1983 and the Hawaiʻi Forest Birds Recovery Plan was published in 1984 which is something that humans tried to do to help us but didn't exactly work.

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Hawaiian honey creeper

At one time the honeycreeper was quite abundant in the forests of Hawaii. Because environment is changing very fast they cant adapt with these changes fast enough. Honey creeper has many different species and a lot of species are already extinct. They somehow made it to hawaii many years ago and flourished in these forests. one example of the environment changing is how a lava flow in big island destroyed their habitat which caused many to die but most fled higher up in the mountains. another good example is people building over their habitats and destroying them leaving them with nowhere to live

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