Odysseus and the Cyclops.

Odysseus is a Strong, Brave, Giving person. He generally is a nice guy in my opinion.

Odesseus' Heroic Qualities.

Odesseus is a Brave man because he isnt afraid to do anything. "the rest of you loyal friends stay here, while I and my crew ship and try to find out whothese men are,whether they are cruel,savage,and lawless, or good to strangers and in their hearts fear god." Book IX: 152-192 Odyssey; Odysseus tells his tale: the Cyclops' Cave. Paragraph 2.

I also believe he is stron too, which really helps a hero out reguardless of whom they are. "I cut off a Six-foot length, gave it to my men, and told them to smooth the wood." "i ordered men to cast lots of which of them should dare to help me raise the steak and twist it into the cyclops' eye when sweet sleep took him. BK IX 307-359 Odysseus tells his tale: Offering The Cyclops Wine. Paragraph 2

The book to me made Odysseus sound like a giving man, and not like a Jerk, like some heros can be. "So we lit a fire and made an offering, and helped ourselves to the cheese, and sat in the cave eating, waiting for him to return and sheperding his flocks." BK IX: 193-255 Odysseus Tells his Tale: Polyphemus Returns.