Camp Condor

Located at Canyonlands National Park

About Our Camp

At Camp Condor, your kid will get a full on week(or more!) of non-stop fun and education on studying birds. In particular, your kid will be learning about the California Condor, the main inspiration for the camp. Our profits will go straight to the welfare of the California Condor, the largest bird of North America. Not to mention the fact that kids attending our camp will camp outside the National Park and learn some important survival skills. Kids are the future of the world, and we want to secure the birds future for them.

Our Mission

The purpose of this camp is to educate kids and spread awareness for endangered bird species, mainly the Condor. The funds as we said before will be used to help the Condor and support their repopulating efforts. Rick Walker has had first-hand experience with this Condor Project, and government program dedicating to observing and supporting the few remaining Condors left in the wild. He hopes that this camp may give kids an interest in this bird and in the future be like his inspiration Lon Peregrino and work for the Condor Project.

About Our Founder

Hi and welcome to Ornithology Camp! My name is Rick Walker and I am the founder and owner of Ornithology Camp. I never really met my grandmother and the only family I had was my grandmother; she raised me until I was ten, when she died. From then on, until I was fourteen, I was moved form group-home to group-home. When I was detained at Blue Canyon Detention Center for throwing rocks at a top sign. When I escaped from their I only survived because the man who inspired me to make this camp, Lon Peregrino. He taught me all about birds and gave me a purpose in life. Now I'd like to carry on his teachings to kids. I once was in a maze, but with the help of birds and Lon, I escaped that maze: "I'm out of the maze sir. I'm free to make something of myself," (225).

The California Condor

Considering the fact that the main thing you would learn about at this camp would be the Condor, we think it would be appropriate to provide you with some information on the bird. The California Condor only produces one egg every two years, and has a life span of up to sixty years. They are also one of the few birds that instead of relying on the flapping of their wings to fly has to rely on the wind currents or thermals(Rising warm air). For as long as hunting as existed the Condor population has been decreasing drastically. Pesticides such as the notorious DDT, are responsible for the death of many Condor eggs. In 1982, less than 25 of these California Condors were alive. Though DDT and the hunting of such species has been banned for a while they still have been struggling to survive. The latest killer has been toxic lead ammunition that has recently been banned but did have a negative impact on them. Today an estimated 160 Condors are left either in the wild of in human captivity thanks to the efforts of people like Lon Peregrino and our founder, Rick Walker. Yet the California Condors are still an extremely endangered species and need to be watched over with lots of care to insure their future.

Our Inspiration

To Rick Walker, Condors and the Canyonlands mean a lot. They changed his life forever and gave him something to do or make out of himself. Throughout his life he had constant dreams about himself flying away from people and hovering above them. Lon, one of his friends he met after escaping the detention center taught him how to fly, well sort of, on a hang glider. Doing this fulfilled Rick's dreams and got him more interested in Condors: "Suddenly Rick was seeing handholds on the unclimable mountain." Rick has always wanted to be like Lon to some kid, and this is his chance

When Rick was on the run from the detention center, Lon took him in and treated him extremely well. They both related a lot, considering that they were both foster kids, "You were a foster kid?" (124). Lon was in the Canyonlands because he was studying the Condors that were released their that were part of The Condor Project.

Rick cares so much about Condors, and he wants to insure their future. Condors have been troubled for a very long time and the only way to stop this is to get the kids of the future to care. Sending your kid to this camp could not only inspire them to do great things for the Condors but it also teaches them many important skills. While Rick was at Canyonlands for the first time he met to nasty people. They purposely killed one of the Condors that Lon was looking over. There are going to be more people like that in the future, but sending your kid will definitely prevent them from being one of them. Condors saved Ricks' life from becoming a complete train wreck, and he wants to give back to them by providing them kids who will care for them in the future.

Sending Your Kid Will Help

No matter what they do here, your kid is sure to enjoy it. The Condors have had a pretty rough life lately, and only we have the power to change. This camp very well could transform your kid. They could in the future go on to help the Condors and end their troubled days. If you are fixed on helping toe Condors than there are countless organizations that will gladly accept donations to help keep themselves running and helping the Condor. Do not forget to spread awareness! If everyone knew about this issue, than there is no doubt that it will be solved. For you parents, sign up your kids for Camp Condor, not only will your kids be learning amazing things but you will be supporting the Condors.