Mechanical Engineering Technician

Career details

The duties of a mechanical engineering technician involve designing new or changed tools and compare them to the original specification, review instructions and blueprint, make and put together mechanical parts, conduct tests to improve equipment performance,and record and analyze the results.

Most mechanical engineering technicians work full-time

Mechanical engineering technicians are primarily employed in traditional manufacturing settings and also work in research and development laboratories.

The average annual wage for a mechanical engineering technician is 50,110

Education Needed

Most engineering technicians take courses in fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, and mechanical design and graduate with an Associates degree.

Skills Required

  • Communication skills- be able to ask questions if something is unclear
  • Creativity- they help plan and design machinery and equipment
  • Detail Oriented- need to make precise and accurate measurements
  • Mechanical skills- have to know how to use and operate machinery
  • Technical skills- must be able to help engineers keep machinery production running

Job Outlook

The employment is expected to increase only by 4% from 2010 to 2020 it is slower than average; the employment depends on if there is a decline of manufacturing.

Advancement Growth

There are some programs for someone trying to become an mechanical engineering technician where they can receive a bachelor's degree.

Colleges With Mechanical Engineering Programs