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Your Voice Matters--April 5, 2016

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Click this button to help with April 9 ISSMA Contest at WLHS.

Junior High Contest April 9

Junior High Choir will be performing at WLHS on April 9. With performance times at 2:30 and 4:15, all students are asked to be in the HS gym in uniform by 1:45 p.m. Students will be done by 5 p.m.

Click HERE to help with the day as a volunteer or through donations. 24 Choirs will be singing at our school that day, and we want to be sure that this is as positive experience for them as possible. High School parents are encouraged to sign up in the afternoon so that junior high parents can watch their students' performances.

Notes: Announcers get to watch all groups perform during their shift.

Hall/Gym supervision is a stationary job--you are not required to walk or stand for long periods of time.

Make $ Toward Trip Account$

Students who work a total of 6 hours on April 8-9 will be able to split the profits from the concession stand. It is impossible to predict exactly how much cash that will be, but it could significantly impact a student's trip account. 2 hours of parent work equal 1 hour of student work, so both you and your child volunteering together can add up hours quickly.

Click HERE to sign up for a work time.

Concert Choir/Vwa Bel April 16

Contest is held at Lafayette Jefferson and admission is free. This will be supporters' only opportunity to hear this set of music from these ensembles.

2:20 Vwa Bel and Concert Choir meet at WLHS Choir Room

2:30 Depart WLHS

2:50 Arrive @ Jeff HS

3:10 Concert Choir gather in gym to be taken to warm-up

3:42 Concert Choir performs in LARGE CHOIR ROOM

4:20 Vwa Bel gather in gym to be taken to warm-up

4:54 Vwa Bel performs in LARGE CHOIR ROOM

5:45 Depart Jeff HS

6:00 Arrive at WLHS

Students wishing to go home with a parent directly from Jeff HS will be dismissed after their results are delivered by Mr. Waltz. Please keep in mind that his may not be until 5:30 for Concert Choir AND Vwa Bel. Transportation notes are due to Mr. Waltz via hard copy or email by April 15.

All students are expected to take school transportation to the event (unless being brought from another WLHS event)

What to expect at contest? (JH and HS)

With the choirs approaching their ISSMA contest performances, it is important to discuss expectations and best practices for the events.

1. These are required performances that assess our year's work. Similar to standardized testing or tournaments for sports, much of our work culminates with ISSMA contest performances.

2. Audiences are welcome! Just like you would come to support students at performances and athletes at sporting events, audiences are welcome. In fact, it is more comfortable for students to perform for supporters rather than an empty room. Tasteful applause is allowed and encouraged after each song. With the exception of Chorale, all performances are in town.

3. Unless leaving immediately for a conflicting event (previously communicated), students are expected to be present while results are presented.

All times are approximate on contest schedules. Please plan to arrive early for performances and be flexible if the choir is running late.

Chorale Contest Dates

This is a friendly reminder to check the choir calendar for your Chorale's contest dates in April and May:

Chorale will perform at Ben Davis High School on April 30 with the potential of performing at State Finals on May 7. Please note that while performance times are not available, both qualifications and finals are REQUIRED performances for Chorale--only medical emergencies will be considered for excused absences.

Little Mermaid Volunteers Needed

As of right now, 2 adults have volunteered to help with our JH musical. Even if you have verbally committed to helping with the show, it is helpful for me if you fill out the form below. Options for volunteering include donating items for a meal and doing minor work with sets and costumes.

This is a class project with a performance on May 11. Students will be expected to be at our dress rehearsal 3:30-5:30, cast meal 5:30-6:30, and performance 7-8:30.

Please use the form below if you wish to volunteer to help with our JH musical on May 11!

Matilda in Chicago

More Information

For more information about grading policies, performances, and our calendar please check out the choir website. To stay up-to-date, follow us on Twitter or check out the calendar on the choir website.