Charlotte Doyle

Book by Avi, Flyer by Samira

How did Charlotte Doyle change from the beginning of the novel to the end?

In physical appearance, Charlotte now dresses like a sailor and acts like one too. At the beginning of the book, she was very prim and proper and was afraid to get dirty. She was taught to obey her elders to every command but since meeting Captain Jaggery, she knew that if the reasons were right, she could rebel.

What is the theme of Charlotte Doyle?

The theme of Charlotte Doyle is that it is wrong to discriminate against others' race color, or gender. You shouldn't let others keep you from achieving your goals. I think Charlotte will inspire other people to defy the odds and be triumphant. The last theme is that you should just be yourself. If people don't like who you really are then they shouldn't be your friends.

What does this novel reveal about human beings?

I think this book is a great eye opener for anyone who reads it. It very clearly states that humans can be judgmental. It is as simple as that. People can't help how they look so we shouldn't blame them for it.