Miss Barber's Class News

October 14, 2016

PSO International Festival, Friday, October 21

Friday, October 21st will be the Concordia International Day Festival. This year's theme is "Olympic Spirit." Each country this year will be show casing the Olympic Spirit in various and exciting ways.

Free dress! Students are invited to either wear traditional clothing from their home country or they may choose to wear something sporty and more Olympic-ish.


Next week we will continue our 2nd Reading unit, Word Detectives. We will focus on doing a slow check when we encounter tricky words. We will also begin our work with "Snap Words".
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Next week we will continue our work in Opinion writing. Each student will try to make his/her Opinion writing even better by adding reasons, details, and interesting vocabulary (sparkly words).
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Next week we will finish our 2nd Math unit. We will review addition and subtraction strategies, as well as different ways to organize and explain our thinking.


Next week we will finish our maker challenge. We will work to make our boats stronger and float longer. Below you will see some photos from this week of students planning and constructing boats.


Next week we will learn about Moses and the Red Sea.

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