My community is basketball

Created:By Hassan Ali Doumbia

My basketball team st clod fire🔥

I am on a spring travel basketball team called the St. Cloud fire,there are 10 boys.We have three boys from Africa,two from Chicago and five from St. Cloud.We have practices on Mondays,Wednesday and Fridays at south side boys and girls club.we practice for an hour and fourty five minutes doing drills,running,shooting,and workouts.This community is important to me because I am part of a team that does our best,works hard,tries,and succeeds.I also want to say that you should be in a community that give as much effort as they can and works hard and cares about you,and that's the community that I'm a part of.I really love my community and the people in it and nothing can change that.

How my community is different from others

My community is different from others cause it's made of one of a kind of people.Cause no one is the same.i think mine is different because the people in my community are special to me and my family.Its different cause we go through horrible times but we make it and work it out.What I'm trying to say is all communities are different.No other community has the same people everyone is different and no one can change that so yeah!!i think my community is different from others cause the people in my group are different then others we love sports other people might love reading but that's what we love.

No Matter How Big Or Small It Is Its Just A Person

Teamwork is the key thing.People working together is a beautiful thing.I think that if you have a community you need to work with them and learn to appreciate what you have and who you have.It doesn't matter how big or small your community is its yours.Your community can be small but you are the only one who can make it big. Try your best and trust me you can make your community bigger and also stronger.Just follow your heart and do what you can do.
A TEAM Game (College Basketball Inspiration)
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It's not the shoes that make you good

A lot of people think that the shoes makes you better at basketball but they don't.Its your community and how hard you work,that's what makes you good.You should always trust your self,your community with what you guys are trying to accomplish.You can have some nasty tore up shoes and you can still be good.So don't always focus on the shoes to make you better.Focus on yourself and your community and hard work to make you better at what you and your community is trying to do,
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You should always love your self and your community.A community is full of people who love,honer and respect each other.Luv❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.