What is iRule?

uRemote is an iRule product built for Australia and New Zealand. uRemote gives you everything that you get with iRule plus over 6000 graphics specifically designed for Australia. On top of this, you also get all of the major device code sets for Australia saving you huge amounts of work. The real difference is the master templates that you get exclusively with uRemote. 75% of the work you would need to do when designing up something for here in Australia is already done because of the huge amount of work that has gone into the uRemote master licence. It’s hard to believe that uRemote is actually the same price (we have to charge GST here in Australia) considering that you get the same fantastic iRule product but the sexy and functional designs from uRemote. Check out our Multi-Room options as well which can save you many hours of programming. Australia is the only country in the world to get such a deal.

We make next to nothing off the licences and we also have very competitive prices for GlobalCache devices here in Australia. We hope that because we have provided so much for the Australian market for free that you will consider purchasing your AV equipment from us as well as consider us for any programming that we also offer. We rely on the fact that we have a fantastic range of AV products, Automation Services and Audio gear priced competitively in the hope that we will get more sales and some great referrals back to uRemote.

Add to that, you have the uRemote technician network at your fingertips should anything go wrong as well as the best technical support just a local phone call away, uRemote is simply the best automation solution for Australia and New Zealand.

Anyone who has purchased an iRule licence is still welcome to purchase an uRemote design from us and can find them in our shop. We are sorry that you didn’t find out about us before, we want to look after you We will upgrade your licence with whatever design you need from our ever growing range depending on your device for a very competitive price. To know more visit: http://www.uremote.com.au/category/product/automation-solutions/globalcache/