Kill Shelters

By: Chelsea L.

Basic Description

Kill shelters are shelters that euthanize (kill) animals if they are sick, a threat, or just because they are too old. These shelters have evolved in many ways. Medicine has improved and so has the shelters. Today, it is much easier to put down an animal than before.

Any Pro's?

There IS some good into kill shelters. First of all, kill shelters are not shelters to kill. It is shelters for animals to get killed if they do not get adopted. "Kill shelters" are just a name to scare people into thinking they get killed all the time, so they need to adopt the animals. These shelters are basically "home" to the animals. It may even be there most comfortable place to be, not knowing whats ahead of them. Secondly, it helps us, people. Some animals may be a threat to toddlers, students, and even adults. Dogs and cats used to be carnivores, but after being domesticated, these "beasts" became "neighbors". So it would basically be natural for them to start eating all human flesh, if they wanted to of course. Putting down these animals would be hard for just normal humans to do it, so that's when the kill shelters come in. They help with getting rid of animals that are a harm to humans.
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Any Con's

Although I pointed out some pro's, I feel there is more con's. First, most kill shelters have very poor quality. It's not about the outside, but in the insides. Animal shelters rely on the city to pay for the animals food, water, blankets, etc. Without people paying/donating to shelters, they don't have the money. Since they don't have the money to pay for everything, they kill the animals instead. Secondly, although these shelters may be "home" to some dogs, it could be a nightmare for another. Many Many shelter's do not have safe workers. They are unskilled workers that only want the money. With these unskilled, harmful people, how would the animals feel safe. We all know movies that have the worker of shelters to be very abusive and mean. Sadly, those scenes happen in real life.


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Make a small or big donation to the PAWS company to help them into stopping kill shelters.


Johnny Depp- "When they are cut, they bleed like us, when they are in pain, they cry like us,but when I say animals feel pain too, you look at me like I'm mad.

Paul McCartney- If slaughterhouses had glass walls, we would all be vegetarians.

Albert Einstein- Our task must be to free ourselves... by widening our circle f compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty.

Kill shelters should not be a loud. Instead, create a place where people all over the neighborhood, pays little by little and come visit the pets in a clean and safe place. With skillful people working. We should not make a "once a family member" to be gone.