Rooney & Hassman's Tribune

Week of May 9th - May 13th

What is going on next week?

The week's schedule:

Monday, 5/16: Day 4 (Hassman PE ) (Rooney - Music)

Tuesday, 5/17 Day 5 (Hassman- Music and PE) (Rooney- Spanish and Music) Reading MAPs

Wednesday, 5/18 Day 1 (Hassman- Art), (Rooney--PE) Library Reading MAPs; Library Field Trip Permission Slips Due

Thursday, 5/19: Day 2 Rooney (Spanish, PE) / Hassman (Music, Spanish)- Library

Friday, 5/20: Day 3 (Hassman -- Spanish and PE ), (Rooney -- Art) Reading Notebooks Due

**Reading Notebooks due May 20th. More information on requirements can be found below.

**Please be sure students are completing the weekly requirement for DreamBox (30 minutes at home by Sunday)

**Please remember, on days that students have Music class, they need to be sure they have their recorder at school. Mrs. R's class needs recorders this week Monday (Day 4) and Tuesday (Day 5).

---- From Mrs. Barootian: Students have 5-10 minutes of recorder practice each night that they should be recording on their calendar.

Reading "home" notebooks

Next "check up" dates (please be sure notebooks are returned to school on these dates).

Students should have a minimum of 12 additional journal entries by this next due date. (This would make a total of sixteen if you include the first group of six the students did.)


Rooney section -- next check in 5/20/16

Hassman section -- next check in 5/20/16

Expectation for these red, home, Reading notebooks/journals:

*2-3 entries per week

*2-3 sentences for each entry

*Entries can focus on our Reading strategies -- making predictions, identifying character traits, making connections (text-text, text-self), etc. Each student should have a set of questions they can also use if they get stuck trying to figure out what to write about. Details and journal sample questions here:

Wax Museum will be open Friday, May 20th!

The students have been working hard and are excited to open up our first ever Wax Museum! The Wax Museum will be open to the "public" this Friday, May 20th. Specific times will be announced shortly, as designated space must be confirmed. We are looking to confirm times for the afternoon.

We hope to see you there!

What's Going on in Fourth Grade?

Math: Students continued their work with comparing fractions. In addition to providing "proof" of their thinking with visuals (fraction strips, number lines, benchmark fractions), students added another "tool" to their "toolbelt"; finding common denominators to compare two fractions. Be sure to ask them all about it!

Please continue to practice those math facts at home to keep them fresh in our minds!

Looking for a video on some of the strategies we work on in 4th grade? Please scroll to the bottom of this newsletter for the videos!

Need some advice and resources for how to sustain a love of math within children? Check out this information from Jo Boaler (Professor of Math at Stanford & Creator of youcubed).


Looking for ways to encourage and sustain a love of math within your child? Check out these steps you can take at home. There is also a variety of resources provided: including math tasks to try at home, recommended apps/games, parent resources, and a lot more!

Science: Students have loved creating circuits! They tested different objects in the classroom in order to classify them as insulators or conductors and worked together to create parallel circuits verses series. Students even utilized a "switch" to make a switch activated circuit. Be sure to ask them all about it!

Reading & Writing:

This week students continued work in our reading history unit and are hard at work on our persuasive essays! Students worked to develop an attention getting introduction!

Persuasive essays are due Friday, May 20th