Smores make you smore smart

Abbey Dean 3rd Period

Studies have shown that Smores are making kids smarter

The college of Health at the University of Texas have been studying the results of eating smores on the brain. Their results have shown that the more kids that eat smores, the more kids will become smart. The demand for smores all over the world have increased.

The price for marshmallows reduces in heb all over the united states

Manufacturers for marshmallows all over the US have decided to reduce the price in HEB stores. The demand for marshmallows and other products to use for smores have increased in areas around HEB locations.

Income for Parents of Local families have increased

Families all over the Friendswood areas have had their incomes increase in the last few months. Since they have more money in their bank accounts, they have decided that they would rather buy traditional graham cracker brands than the store-bought brand.

A rush of people flood Friendswood, Texas

In the last few months there has been a large increase in the number of families moving to Friendswood, Texas. With a larger amount of families and children in the area, the demand for smores products have increased.

Possibilities of an increase in smores products

There was an article released from the Houston Chronicle that stated that in the few coming months, the price for smores products will increase. In grocery stores all over the Houston area there is a increasing demand of buying the products now before the price goes up.