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IB PYP Traits for Fall

Time surely flies by when busy!

That is exactly what the Franklin Academy PYP programme has been this Fall - busy learning, busy growing, and busy having fun together. Principled, Inquirer, and Balanced were the honored attributed for the Fall months. The students learned that life has many choices and opportunities. Working on becoming principled, inquiring, and balanced is a great way to determine what is imporant in your life, making good choices and remembering to be honest and follow what is the right way to do things. Each grade level is busy working on the second unit of inquiry in the classroom and are heading out to enriching field trips to further enhance the learning experience. We just celebrated our Fall Harvest Parade where the students in the 4th and 5th grade chose a PYP attribute or attitude to dress up as. There were some amazing, creative costimes in our parade! Here are a few pictures of students and staff celebrating and enjoying showing off their attributes. We also recently celebrated National Hispanic and National Indigenous People months. These divers groups play an important role in the development of many cultures and traditions. As the time and seasons change, remember to take time to embrace those changes that are being made within ourselves and our students.

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Staff Member Spotlight for November

Mr. John Stone - Mr. Stone is in his third year teaching at Franklin Academy. He works in the ESE department and works with students to give them extra support. He is well respected by the students and makes great connections with them. His knowledge of teaching skills and his techniques have helped numerous students make gains and more importantly, gain self confidence in their abilities.

Mrs. Heather Branch - or Nurse Heather as she is affectionately known. We have 1 nurse for over 1300 students and over 100 staff members, and yes she does treat and help staff as well. Nurse Heather is patient, caring, and meticulous in her job. She sees probably over 100 students a day for anything from a loose tooth to a high fever and does it all with the utmost patience. She cares deeply about our students and will go to great lengths to see that they are taken care of at their home away from home, our school.

Ms. Erica Elsesser & Mr. Paul Lehman - Franklin Academy's very own Dynamic Duo. This is their first year teaming up, yet they appear as if they have worked together for years. Ms. Elsesser is in her 4th year at Franklin Academy and has taught 3rd, 4th, and now 5th grade. She is passionate about teaching and that is evident when you walk in her math/science classroom. She is a Master Teacher who is sharing all of her knowledge with Mr. Lehman as he is in his first year of teaching. However, if you walk into his classroom you would never think this is his first year. He ensures that his students have everything they need to be successful. His library is amazing, he is a Google and Apple Certified teacher, which means he has all the latest technology knowledge, which he can empart to his students and enhance their learning experiences. This pair of teachers have made their mark on our students and hopefully will continue to reach many more students to come.

Meet our Middle School ELA Department

Ms. Kelly Simson is in her 3rd year teaching at Franklin and is the team leader for this department. Ms. Simpson's son Christian is currently a 1st grader at Franklin as well. She is teaching 7th grade this year and 7th grade advanced as well. Ms. Simpson is passionate about English and even more so about writing. Your students should show nice growth this year in both areas if they are actively engaged in the daily lessons.

Mr. Thomas Dyde is in his 4th year teaching at Franklin and is an anchor for this ELA team. He is the proud father of two precious daughters who enjoy coming to our events on campus. Mr. Dyde is passionate about literature and imparts that passion on his students. He is teaching 6th grade and one 8th grade class as well. Mr. Dyde enjoys seeing the growth of some of his former students as he teaches some in his 8th grade class.

Mr. Robert Lanza is a Franklin original. He has been teaching here since we opened our doors in 2013. Mr Lanza teaches the rest of the 8th grade students this year. He is also father to two sons, one of which is a 3rd grade student at Franklin and his older son is in the IB progran at Atlantic high after graduating from Franklin last year. Mr. Lanza gets to know his students very well and creates that comradere in his class for students to feel welcome and able to express their opinions.

Mrs. Joanne Shultz returned to Franklin last year as the Drama teacher after teaching 4th grade a few years earlier. When she first taught at Franklin, she had a 4th grade all boys class and she rose to that challenge. This year she is teaching 6th and 7th grade ELA. Mrs. Shultz brings a different perspective to her classroom, yet also encourages a community atmosphere in her classes. She is a team player and enjoys her team and working with them as well.

Mr. Kevin Roselli is in his second year at Franklin and is teaching all middle school grades Intensive Reading. While Mr. Roselli's first love is social studies, he has embraced these students and I can honestly say the students really enjoy his teaching style and the plethora of information he shares with them. You can teach reading through any subject and at times, Mr. Roselli is able to bring history into his classroom to teach reading strategies to his students. Watching him with his students is a real treat.

i-Ready Usage

Most students have completed their i-Ready Diagnostic and are now going to be held accountable for completing 45 minutes a week in math and 45 minutes a week in ELA. All students know how to log in because they took the assessment, however if they have difficulty at home, please email their homeroom teacher for assistance.