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Dear Panther Families,

Remember Friday, January 28, is the last day to pre-order a yearbook for $35. After that, the price goes up.

Order your Yearbook NOW!!

This week we welcomed the future of Cimarron to campus, the 8th graders learned about EMHS with a visit from a variety of programs from Memorial, we had plumbing problems on campus (it is bound to happen with a 40 year old building). We also had a fender bender in our drop off line this week. Fortunately, no one was hurt. This is a good time for a reminder: continue to follow our procedures. The steep incline and curves to drop off have blind spots for drivers. Waiting and then walking to the crosswalk keeps you safe, avoiding harm to one of our Panthers. Thank you for continuing to follow the direction of our team of teachers in the morning and afternoons at Cimarron.

Would you like to Volunteer or Substitute teach at Cimarron? Use those links or see Dr. Grunewald's email for more details from last week. Panthers thank you for supporting our teachers and staff during this unique season in all of our lives.

Tomorrow is a Panther Spirit Wear Day and our First Fun Food Friday of 2022!

Gabe Schmidt
O: 405-340-2935

- Positivity - Respect - Integrity - Diligence - Empathy

“Never look down on anybody unless you're helping him up.” – Jesse Jackson

ID Badges for ALL Young Scholars and Educators

ID badges and school issued lanyards are required for all MS & HS students at Cimarron and within Edmond Public Schools. IDs are necessary to checkout books in the Media Center, eat in the Cafeteria, late check-ins and identify student's name and grade to keep Cimarron safe.

Beginning next week, we will be stressing the importance of badges and working with each young scholar to wear their original badge throughout the day. A new badge can be made for $5 for each student not having a badge. Student ID numbers will be required to get a temporary badge.

Families locate your badge and have it set aside with your backpack. 🎒 Students who prepare their backpack the night before are most successful with them each morning. Thank you in advance for remaining diligent to assist in keeping Cimarron appreciated!


Substitute teachers (and bus drivers and cafeteria superstars) are the glue that holds a school together! We need more of all of the above!

Did you know substitute teachers

  • can choose the days of the week they want to work?
  • can specify certain schools like CIMARRON MS and/or grade levels to sub?
  • got a raise this year on their daily rate?
  • get paid an extra $20 to work on Fridays?
  • receive an incentive of $125 for working 15 days in a month?

It's all true! Please consider subbing at Cimarron MS and EPS.


Beginning February 1st the price will increase to $40. Don't wait! Order today!


  • January 28 - Fun Food Friday

  • February 3 - CPTO Meeting @ 9a

  • February 7 - 11 National School Counselor Week

  • February 9 - Spring Picture Day

  • February 9 - CPTO Pizza Day

  • February 11 - Fun Food Friday

  • February 21 - President's Day - NO SCHOOL

  • February 24 - Spring Conferences

  • February 25 - Fun Food Friday


Have a business and want to partner with your CPTO? Please contact Melanie at to learn more. We have many opportunities to work together to benefit Cimarron and get your name in front of our many families.

Panther Pride donation Forget annoying fundraisers! We aim to collect just $18/student to help fund over 15 school programs, provide/upgrade technology, and other classroom needs. This fee raises $15,000 and is how your CPTO can continue to operate each year. We are a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization. All donations are tax-deductible.

CPTO PIZZA DAYS! Next Pizza Day is February 9. Don't wait! Place your order today!

Box Tops for Education - If you buy groceries, you can raise funds for Cimarron! This works even for grocery deliveries!


Effective January 3, 2022 masks will be recommended, rather than required for students and staff. For more information and EPS District protocols, CLICK HERE

  • Staying Home When Sick: It is more important than ever that you do not send your child to school if they are feeling unwell until you know the cause of their illness. Anyone with a fever, diarrhea, or vomiting must stay home until 24 hours symptom-free.
  • Quarantines: The CDC quarantine period was shortened to 5 days from the date of exposure with testing encouraged on day 5. While EPS recommends quarantine following exposure, it is not required. It is your personal responsibility to determine if quarantine is warranted following exposure to Covid-19.
  • Exposure: Schools will notify parents if their child has been exposed at school and provide symptom guidance. Symptom Guidance
  • Isolation: Moving forward, the isolation period for anyone that tests positive for coronavirus will be 5 days from symptom onset or 5 days from the positive test date if no symptoms are present. Individuals can return on or after day 6 if they are asymptomatic or symptoms are beginning to resolve. In addition, an individual must be fever-free for 24 hours without the use of medication before returning.
  • Our dedicated operations team will continue to deep clean and sanitize our school facilities, and all staff members will continue to encourage thorough handwashing. Hand sanitizer will also be readily available for students.


Total Wellness Testing Hub - OPEN

Total Wellness Testing Hub - adjacent to Cross Timbers Elementary - at 4800 N. Kelly is now open M-F 8 am - 3 pm, 405-726-4816. This testing hub is for any EPS STUDENTS ONLY.

A few notes:

  1. If your child needs to be tested, the Total Wellness Hub can only test children 4 years of age or older. Children under 4 will need to see a pediatrician.
  2. Please do not contact the office at Cross Timbers Elementary when trying to contact Total Wellness.
  3. Early mornings are a busy time. There are times, later in the day when demand may not be as high.

YOUR ONE-STOP SHOP FOR DIGITAL CONNECTIONS - Infinite Campus, Child Nutrition, Chromebook Troubleshooting, WiFi Needs, AND More!


Gabe Schmidt - Lead Principal, 7th Grade

Sarah Dobbs - Principal, 8th Grade

Dr. Kacy Harsha - Principal, 6th Grade

Lauren Lubbers - 8th Grade Counselor

Jessica Cook - 7th Grade Counselor

Teresa Murray - 6th Grade Counselor

Cimarron’s School Resource Officers: Sgt. Littles & Sgt. Pearson - Welcome Video