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Hello Panther Nation!

Tomorrow is our 1st Panther Grille of the school year. This is a time we honor young scholars embracing Panther PRIDE - Positivity - Respect - Integrity - Diligence - Empathy. And a few young men and young women are recognized as the Leader of the Pride for their embodiment of all 5 core values. This is a great day filled with a lunch, dessert, trivia, and music. Our CPTO helps us host this each year. Panthers thank you for your ongoing support of our young scholars.

Tomorrow is the last opportunity to donate old technology jungle/safari theme next Friday to support the OKC Zoo. This is a technology recycling drive in partnership with the OKC Zoo! Oh... And a dress up day to remember to contribute to the cause!

1. Donations can be brought to the Panther Pit before school Friday 9/24

2. Anyone who donates will have their name put in the drawing to win a painting (in Cimarron colors!) done by George, one of the gorillas that lives here at the OKC zoo!

3. Dress up is Friday, 9/24: Remember to dress appropriately for Cimarron MS. We enjoy having these days and celebrating our partnership this time with the OKC Zoo. Safari Hats are allowed as part of a safari dressed theme.

Football Season is in the air! Tomorrow night some MS Panthers will likely attend the EMHS game. I hope if you go, you will go as a family and model how to cheer on the Bulldogs! If you are attending the MS or HS football games tomorrow, you are expected to represent Cimarron with Panther PRIDE. This means we will be great fans by being seated in the stands on Memorial's side cheering our team of Bulldogs on Friday. We will be in our seats not walking around, and not on the visitors side. If you are unable to choose wisely, you will only be able to attend with your family next time. We will cheer mightily with great fanfare in a PAWSITIVE way for our Bulldogs!

FFF... that's right Fun Food Friday is here again! Fun Food Friday is a fundraiser where your CPTO sells sweet treats to the student body. What a perfect way to kick off the weekend! Don't forget to have your young scholar bring cash if they intend on purchasing a treat.

I love Middle School! I hope you're enjoying it too. Our educators are setting the standard for a positive climate on our campus. The work we do each day is all about growth and learning. I saw a quote today in class... "If you make a mistake, at least you know you're trying." - unknown We will FAIL - First Attempt In Learning - often. I respect it! I also know that in time we learn through our mistakes and develop a mature response to the decision we make with the circumstances before us.

Again... I say thank you for choosing Cimarron MS! If you have yet to hear it today; you are loved!

Gabe Schmidt
O: 405-340-2935

"Peace of mind comes when your life is in harmony with true principles and values and in no other way." - Stephen Covey

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Hey there Panthers!

The Volunteering Clubs will be hosting Gorillas on the Line. This is a technology recycling drive in partnership with the OKC Zoo!

Main points include:

1. Donations can be brought to the Panther Pit before school Friday 9/24

2. Anyone who donates will have their name put in the drawing to win a painting (in Cimarron colors!) done by George, one of the gorillas that lives here at the OKC zoo!

3. Dress up day Friday, 9/24 to celebrate World Gorilla Day and the last day of the technology recycling drive. Theme: Safari/Jungle.

Dress up is Friday, 9/24: Remember to dress appropriately for Cimarron MS. We enjoy having these days and celebrating our partnership this time with the OKC Zoo. Safari Hats are allowed as part of a safari dressed theme.

If you have questions, Mrs. Charissa Badré is leading out on this project.


EDMOND PUBLIC SCHOOLS FOUNDATION offers FREE student registration!

Up to 250 EPS students can register at no cost through the EPS Foundation to run! A virtual option is also available. Parents can sign up their students HERE by 9/30/2021.

Register yourself and VOTE for EPSF. Virtual option available.


In an effort to limit class time interruptions, only essential school items will be delivered to your student. Other items such as clothing, lunches, water bottles, etc., may be labeled and dropped off on the table in the entryway of the school.

We remind students each morning to check the table. Please help us keep your student learning. We appreciate your help and understanding.

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40th Anniversary Celebration & CPTO News

40th Anniversary Celebration! - The 2021-22 school year marks the 40th Anniversary of Cimarron Middle School. We have been blessed with a rich history, amazing faculty and staff, and, of course, awesome students.

To celebrate, there will be a 40th Anniversary celebration Friday, October 8th on the Cimarron campus. Think food trucks, a cornhole tournament, performances by some of Cimarron's best.

Campaign 8100

Our annual Panther Pride Donation Drive has been was rebranded and is now known as Campaign 8100 in honor of Cimarron opening its doors in 1981. This year is Cimarron's 40th birthday and we'd love to raise $8100 to celebrate! These funds will help add furniture to the new Panther Pit student area as well as help to meet technology needs at Cimarron. This is surely something that will also benefit students in the years to come, too!

Have a business and want to partner with your CPTO? We'd love to! Please contact Melanie at to learn more. We have many opportunities to work together to benefit Cimarron and get your name in front of our many families.

And our Panther Pride donation? Forget annoying fundraisers! We aim to collect just $18/student to help fund over 15 school programs, provide/upgrade technology, and other classroom needs. This fee raises $15,000 and is how your CPTO can continue to operate each year. We are a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization. All donations are tax-deductible.

CPTO PIZZA DAYS! Next Pizza Day is October 13th. Don't wait! Place your order today!

Amazon Smile - Any purchases made from Amazon and Whole Foods can support Cimarron! Be sure this is turned on not only for your computer but also your phone! Share this link with friends and family so they can support CMS as well. Search for Cimarron Parent Teacher Organization Incorporated and start shopping!

Box Tops for Education - If you buy groceries, you can raise funds for Cimarron! This works even for grocery deliveries!


  • September 24 - FUN FOOD FRIDAY!
  • September 24 - Last day to purchase STPP!! (see link below)
  • October 1 - Custodian Appreciation Day

  • October 7 - Parent/Teacher Conferences - Watch for details

  • October 8 - FUN FOOD FRIDAY!

  • October 8 - 40th Anniversary of Cimarron Middle School

  • October 11 - Parent/Teacher Conferences - Watch for details

  • October 12 - Dine Out @ Five Guys Burgers 2p - Close

  • October 13 - CPTO Pizza Day

  • October 14 - 18 Fall Break - No School

  • October 21 - CPTO Meeting 9a

  • October 22 - FUN FOOD FRIDAY!

  • October 27 - Fall Picture RETAKES


STPP deadline is Friday, September 24! Purchase the $25/year Student Technology Protection Plan (STPP). Parents will be financially responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged devices, chargers, and cases.


Effective September 8, masks are required in all school buildings, facilities, and buses. For more information and EPS District protocols, CLICK HERE

  • Per the most recent guidance from the Oklahoma City-County Health Department (OCCHD), quarantines are required for individuals exposed to a positive COVID-19 case.

  • Per the OCCHD, individuals who are fully vaccinated do not need to quarantine if exposed. However, anyone with symptoms needs to isolate until they can test or receive an alternative diagnosis.
  • Schools will notify parents if their child has been exposed at school and provide Symptom Guidance
  • Anyone with a positive COVID-19 test will be required to isolate regardless of vaccination status.
  • Our dedicated operations team will continue to deep clean and sanitize our school facilities, and all staff members will continue to encourage thorough handwashing. Hand sanitizer will also be readily available for students.
  • Where possible, we will continue to observe social distancing.
  • Anyone with a fever, diarrhea, or vomiting must stay home until 24 hours symptom-free. It is more important than ever that you do not send your child to school if they are feeling unwell until you know the cause of their illness.


  • If my child is in quarantine, and I want to do the 7-day option, how do I provide the negative test results? Every student that is sent home defaults to the 10-day quarantine option. If you would like to do the 7-day option, please email to notify your choice. You will need to provide a documented negative test. Make sure to conduct the test on Day 5 or later outlined in the exposure notification email. Email a scan or picture of the negative Covid results to, or email us that you will send it with your student when they return symptom-free to school on Day 8. Your student cannot return without this documentation provided.

  • My child tested negative on Day 6 of their quarantine, can they return earlier than the 7-day date given in the notification email? No. They will need to complete either the 7 full-day or 10 full-day option even if they tested negative on Day 5 or later. This is to continue to monitor symptoms.
  • Are at-home tests accepted to end a quarantine? No. Covid testing to return from a quarantine can be either Rapid Antigen, Rapid PCR, or Standard PCR and must be collected at a testing facility, clinic, or other medical facilities. At-home tests will not be accepted.
  • What if my child develops symptoms (mild or not) during quarantines? Please email or call 405-340-2935 to discuss.

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Gabe Schmidt - Lead Principal, 7th Grade

Sarah Dobbs - Principal, 8th Grade

Dr. Kacy Harsha - Principal, 6th Grade

Lauren Lubbers - 8th Grade Counselor

Jessica Cook - 7th Grade Counselor

Teresa Murray - 6th Grade Counselor

Cimarron’s School Resource Officers: Sgt. Littles & Sgt. Pearson - Welcome Video