Asian Swamp Eel TAKES OVER!!!

(AKA Monopterus Albus)


Phylum or Division: Chordata
Class: Actinopterygii
Order: Synbranchiformes
Family: Synbranchidae
Subfamily: Neopterygii


Wednesday, Nov. 14th 1990 at 9pm

Southern Florida

An aquarium release or a fish farm escape or release. It is believed that eels were originally brought to Hawaii by Asian immigrants as a food fish, and purposely released into the wild.

Identification of Eel

The Asian Swamp Eel has an elongated, snake-like body, with a blunt, rounded nose. It doesn't appear to have any fins, and it's slippery skin is darker green or brown on the top, growing lighter towards the eel's underbelly. It has rows of very mall teeth that appear more like bristles (villiform) and smallish dark eyes. It has one, V-shaped gill opening on it's underside, just below the head. They can grow to to a lengh of one meter, which is about three feet long, and weigh up to one pound.