Mr. Budisch's Bright Lights

The Joy of Learning is to be celebrated!

Please add next Wednesday to your calendar!

Next Wednesday, Dec. 9th, our school will celebrate with our regular assembly in our cafeteria, starting at 8:50 AM with our Pledge of Allegiance. Our topic will be about how we can be the best students possible. There are some unique ways that kids can learn at this age about what this looks and sounds like. I hope to lead them to make the connections.

Mustang Derby

As a wrap up to our PTO sponsored fund raiser, 6 children's names were randomly pulled from the many children who entered the contest based on their fundraising efforts. There will be toy ponies (assigned to each of the kids) which will race in front of our assembly "crowd". It should be a lot of fun and excitement for this event!

Board Presentation

School board presentation

Thanks to Nora V., one of our 8th graders, for presenting at the School Board meeting on Monday. I included her presentation in this link to the Principals' report and can be found on the third slide.

School Board presentation

Learning about the A-B-C, A-B-C pattern in 4K

4k'ers in Mrs. Baral's room learned about the ABC pattern by making red, green, and white links to construct chains. They connected the chains together to make a class chain. Longer and shorter were also concepts that were discussed while using a ruler and yardstick too. Wonderful cooperation among the kids too!

MIke Budisch, head learner

Our school is more than a place to learn. It is a place where we hope our children can feel like they belong to a larger community who cares about each other. We will continue to foster this throughout their career at the Primary School. Thanks so much for being partners in this effort. Mike