The Greekly News

Many important things happpened

The Ionian War/ The Decelean War

Sparta now has strong army and naval forces, while Athens best sailors and finances are going down. The Athenian Empire is fallen apart because of the attacks from Sparta. To make matters worst for Athens, Persia has entered the war to support Sparta. But Athens still fought Sparta and in the end of the war, Athens had to surrander on Spartan terms. Athens is really having a tough time. I don't think that will last.


The boxing event

This event was in memory of Achille's friend Patroclus. This is one of the most brutal events in the olympics. This event is based on a fightimg and the only way to win is to get the opponent to regconize their defeat. This is one of the exicting events happening in the olympics. The event gets more and more brutal as time passes. The stage is going to be bloody and I hope no one is going to die this time.


The is gonna be a great peformce on stage and it is going to be really funny. There is also gonna be a tragic stroy playing on the stage that might make in cry or for those dark fellows that like to laugh at people misfortune, it will be hilarious. For those who love the 12 to 15 chrous songs, you won't be desappointed.
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There is a clay pot for sale. It is made of the finest clay. If you buy this, you won't regret it.

Letter to Editor

The war between Sparta and Athens is indeed horrible. Athens is losing a lot of its citizens because it really doesn't look like it last long. First of all, Sparta has Persia as support including other powers and this is already big difference in terms of support. The second reason is that as time goes by, Athens's best sailors and generals dwindling and there is barely anybody to replace them. While Sparta is a Military city-state, so its generals and sailors are almost always the same. This is why I agree with the Editor that Athens may not remain. From Nobody.