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Many people think we only help people study for the GED test, but we do so much more! We provide support services to students who already have their high school diploma and many who have already attended college.

Examples of who we provide support services to:

  • Individuals who need to brush up on their basic skills to get a new job or retain their current employment.
  • Individuals who need a higher score on the Test for Adult Basic Education (TABE), or WorkKeys for job training, funding, or employment.
  • Individuals who want to know what job fields are in demand, what education you may need for those jobs, and how to apply for them!
  • Students who applied for college or certificate training programs and need assistance studying for the entrance exam.
  • Individuals who want their GED.

Two locations:

Hickman Public Library

812 Moscow Ave,

Hickman, KY 42050


1pm - 3pm

Fulton Center

215 7th Street

Fulton KY

Monday - Thursday

9am - 12pm


9am - 12pm

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