Matthew Turnbull


The preliminary interview Documentary is to be about the use of the Mobile Phone in daily life and how it has changed. The video is going to be structured with a title introduction, followed by a series of interview answers from people. In between each answer, a cutaway shot will be placed, a mix of personal photos/videos and archive material will be used.

Title choice

We chose the title over a number of possibilities that were brainstormed as shown below.

- Call me

- It's good to talk

- The Mobile Phone

- Don't hang up

We decided to use 'Don't Hang Up'. This is because the other titles seems relatively boring and typically related to mobile's, on the other hand the title we chosen may cause the audience to think more about what the theme is about.

Sound bed

A backing soundtrack was imported into the video, this is an up-beat song with a positive melody. It is part of the genre Indie Electro house music which is made up of mostly simple melodies and some strong bass.

Odesza - Say My Name


There were a number of cutaways used in between interview questions, they are made up archive material and personally videos.

- Archive image of HTC One M7

- Archive image of someone texting

- Video personally recorded of someone in class using phone

- Video panning across a text conversation on Samsung Galaxy S3

- Video panning across Samsung Galaxy S3 turned off on a table

- Archive image of someone looking at music apps on the iPhone 6

Details of MES

The interviews were conducted are in 2 locations, outside at a bench area and inside at a break-out area.