Help the Philippians!

Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippians in late 2013.

The Philippians still need help

So little help has been sent to the Philippians that the few helpers that are there can't get through to the city because the entrances haven't been cleared. If more people come then the Philippians can be cleared and they can start rebuilding their houses. Their has been little economic change because the buildings of old company's have been destroyed and can't be rebuilt without help

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Donate at the charity dinner

Wednesday, Feb. 12th, 6pm

4 Privet Drive

All money made at this charity event will be donated to the Philippians. It will give them food and machines to help clear the streets.

You can donate online

If you want to donate to the Philippians but cannot attend the charity dinner donate online. The money will go to rebuilding houses because many people are still living in tents. The money will also go toward getting these residents food and medical help. Please donate at the button below.

What we will do

With the money we will hire help to send people to clear roads and towns. We will provide food and water to those who need it. We can buy the basics for survival. So no more people will lose their life from this disaster. Victims are still living in tents and have no working bathrooms. We will help get them off there feet.