Christmas is coming!

Team Shine Bright December 2016 Team Newsletter

Hi girls - my name's Mhari and I'm your upline Director at Stella and Dot - you're receiving this newsletter because you're a team member of Shine Bright! So grateful to have you on my team xxx

Please do reach out to me anytime about your business and plans for 2017 - I'd love to hear from you all! xoxo 0791 293 7224 or email me

Meet our Star Stylists - leadership is shining bright

Congratulations to the fabulous four who promoted or re-promoted to Star Stylist in November.

First time promotions

Yes! I'm talking about YOU gorgeous girls! Outstanding, amazing, talented #justsayin

The 2017 collection is on its way

You can start selling these pieces from the New Collection right now - or use them to entice people to book a trunkshow in January.

January is always the time of year for clearing out your old wardrobe and bringing in the new! I usually host a sample sale in January and I sell off all the stock I've got a little bored with (and discontinued pieces). I then use the cash to update my collection.

The benefit of hosting your sample sale in January is that you can also Launch the 2017 collection at the same time and tempt people to book trunkshows with it too. Hey presto, it's as simple as 1, 2, 3 (and 4) ....

1) Host a sample sale in January and sell off any unwanted stock. Let your customers get a bargain while funds are low.

2) If money's not an object they can browse and buy the new Spring 2017 Collection.

3) If they adore the new collection, but can't afford it - host a trunkshow with friends and choose pieces for free and 40% discount.

4) Fed up at work. Don't want to go back after Christmas? New Year? New Job. We have the fresh start you've been waiting for....

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5 reasons why Christmas is a great time to recruit new stylists

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1) We all need extra cash to pay for Christmas - you can earn an extra £500 very quickly.

2) You can buy Christmas presents for 50% discount.

3) You have an online shop (open in minutes) and people can shop from you immediately. When people buy online from you, the 25% profit is yours and the item is delivered, beautifully gift-boxed to them, so it's a hassle free business for you!

4) With 2017 approaching, people often think about changing their life for the better. The thought of going back to a job they don't enjoy can fill them with dread. We all know how enjoyable this is (does it really feel like work...heck no).

5) Why don't you share with them what you have earned in November? And what you plan to spend your earnings on? People often don't realise that you can make an incredible amount of cash in this business. Not to mention the flexibility and friendships! Share that happiness.


Your bonuses will be paid out soon! Yippeeee

This November, when a Stylist in your first line promoted for the FIRST-TIME to Associate, Senior or Star Stylist, you'll receive a matching UPLINE Winter Mentor Bonus! (Note: upline needs to hit equal or higher Pay Rank to earn the matching bonus).

What Winter Mentor Bonus could you receive?

Matching Upline Bonus for the First-Time Promotion:

Associate Stylist: £75/€100

Senior Stylist: £150/€200

Star Stylist: £300/€400

PLUS, you will still also receive the Sponsor-Matching bonus if they hit their second-time promotion bonus in the following three months. The cash bonuses for you this season are unlimited! Please check the FAQs for more details.

Marketing Tools for December

Did you see how fast the November TSEO sold out! It's because they are such an AMAZING DEAL! That's why it's crazy if you don't share them with your customers. Imagine how much you can earn from the extra sales and how happy your customers will be if they get a bargain! Don't forget to print them out and offer this amazing deal to your customers - so they can save 50% discount when they spend £50 or over!

PS These offers change on the 1st of every month and can be found on the Stylist Lounge under Marketing Materials.

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Welcome to our newest Stylists


Barbara Liu

Nadine Ferguson

Silvana Fry

Natalie Garcha

Please do join our Team Facebook Page (or ask your Sponsor to add you) ClICK HERE

Top 10 in Monthly sales

These girls are just UNBELIEVABLE! Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas (with the extra earnings)

4 Katie Armstrong 5,019 pqv

5 Yvonne Crolla 4,510 pqv

6 Jane Buckle 3,766 pqv

7 Anne Bailey 3,114 pqv

8 Angela Parker 2,815 pqv

9 Lynnette Tibbetts 2,750 pqv

10 Vivienne Smith 2,538.98 pqv

Look who Sponsored in November

Congratulations girls :-) - your shared the dream, you sponsored - and now it's your chance to help your new stylists to reach their goals - be it extra cash for Louboutins, an exotic holiday, or to pay off that mortgage...

Luan Goldsmith

Lynnette Tibbetts

Yvonne Crolla

Most trunkshows held in November

Emma Hall 12

Katie Armstrong 9

Amanda Smart 8

Catherine Buxton 6

Yvonne Crolla 6

Laura Lovell 6

Jane Buckle 5

Stephanie Smith 5

Nicola Lees 5

Carrie Ann Stevens 5


Ok so we're business owners, but that doesn't mean we can't have a work's do! So we're opting for BOTTOMLESS PROSECCO ! Sat 10 December 1pm onwards. Lost & Found, Knutsford. New stylists, old-timers, everyone - bring a friend! It's going to be AMAZING!

We can choose two things from the Brunch Menu and then there is an option to pay £15 for two hours of BOTTOMLESS PROSECCO.

If you can make the Christmas Do, we need to pay £10 deposit and choose the two brunch options by December 1. I am collecting monies via Paypal or bank transfer if better for you- or click here for Eventbrite

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My top tips - Mhari Oakes - Director

Three tips for Christmas 2016

1) Come to our Christmas Party on Saturday 10 December - not only it is a great way to get inspired by fellow Stella & Dot Stylists, and gain new ideas for your business, we will also show you a great time!

2) Get ready for January! Start booking in trunkshows before Christmas! We have an amazing January sale, it's a great time to get friends reunited after the mania of Christmas, and hostesses usually get LOTS more rewards shhhhh my secret. But trust me. Book now.

3) People are still shopping for Christmas - right up until Christmas Eve. Make the MOST of the first two weeks of December. I've been a stylist for 4.5 years now - and December is incredible!!! The final stretch girls xxx Love to you all and can't wait to dance around the mistletoe with you all on Dec 10!