My Portfolio

By: Tyler Brown


Throughout the third quarter speech class has been very interesting, in a good way that is. We have done speeches of entertainment, which has a purpose to entertain the audience, informative, which informs the audience on specific topics, and persuasive, where the presenter tries to persuade his/her audience. I prefer to do informative speeches though because I am able to learn about my topic while putting together my speech.

Third Favorite Topic

My third favorite speech has to be the speech where we picked a few jobs and researched them. I liked this speech but it was hard to find something that I actually liked and was able to connect to. Eventually, I found a few jobs that related to what I wanted to do, and then it was smooth sailing.

Second Favorite Topic

My second favorite topic was picking colleges. I was able to zero in on a few colleges and learn about what they offer. This will help me next year when I am focusing on going to college after I graduate. Midland is becoming more appealing to me because they have the majors that I want and also a decent athletic program. ;)

Favorite Topic

My favorite topic was the entertainment speech. This contradicts what I said in my intro but reading children's books is always interesting and entertaining. I had Cody Kroeker as my sound effects guy, which made the book even better. Overall, I was able to connect with people on a level that high school students usually don't connect on. This is a useful tool to have when you need to talk to younger kids now and later on in life.


Overall, I have been able to give speeches that I am able to connect to and be able to learn from while getting ready to give the speech. The class is laid back, but we are all very good speech givers, so there is always the nervousness not to mess up because of how well the others did. We are all very comfortable going up and talking in front of each other and if somebody does make a mistake, they don't worry about it and keep going through their topic points. I have become a lot more comfortable going up and talking in front of people and I know how to keep things simple so I don't ramble on and totally bore my audience.