By Emily Cox and Brittany McCarthy!!!!!

Maritza's life

Maritza lives in Colombia/ Medellin

She has a so called hot boyfriend named Fabio. She is 17 years of age at this moment and she has a horrible no good non loving mommy. Her neighborhood is full of fighting and killings as well as gang fights. She wants to help her community get peace as well as order. Her neighborhood was like a world war. No matter where you where in their neighborhood you would have gotten hurt. She was threatened by a guy that was going to kill her with a gun but told her to take it and kill him instead.

Fighting for Peace

So Maritza is fighting for peace but then she started to join gangs and doing drugs. The gangs influenced her to fight for peace. She had a gun with no bullets as well as she was not a good person anymore.

Being Impressed

We were suprized when we heard that her mother didn't care that she got shot as well as not bring her to a hospital.


Why would you ever go back to your horrible, no good mother?