St. Patrick Catholic School

Weekly Bulletin-October 22nd, 2021

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Upcoming Events


  • Thursday 28th- Halloween and Spin the Wheel
  • Thursday 28th- Apple Fundraiser Pick up- 4-7pm
  • Friday 29th- No School- Staff PD Day


  • Tuesday 2nd- Three Way Conference 4-7:30pm- virtual- email was sent this week on how to book a time slot.
  • Wednesday 3rd- Three Way Conference 4-7:30pm-virtual
  • Wednesday 10th- Tuesday 16th- Fall Break- No School
  • Friday 19th- Picture retakes

Evidence of Learning Portfolio

This upcoming week your child will bring home their Evidence of Learning Portfolio. This is one way we will be communicating student learning and growth this year. Please be sure to go through this portfolio with your child. Once done please complete the parent/guardian reflection questions provided on the first sheet and bring this sheet with you to the virtual three way conferences. Below is what the reflection sheet will look like.
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Take me Outside Week

This week many classes took their learning outside.
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Updated daily Health screening Checklist- close contact household change

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We are giving out a large number of masks each week. Please send a mask/face covering or two with your child each day they come to school. If your child comes to school without a mask/face covering multiple days in a row we will be calling home for someone to bring them a mask/face covering.

Extra Apples Boxes for sale

This Thursday our apple orders will be ready for pick up. There were a few extra boxes ordered. If you are interested in purchasing these boxes contact

Pick up will be in the school parking lot by the big garages from 4-7. Please do not come before 4 as we will need time to get all the students dismissed and everything set up.

School Attendance

A reminder for all families that the AHS Daily Assessment needs to be completed and actioned each morning prior to coming to school. If your child is experiencing symptoms please choose:

  1. “Flu-like symptoms”

  2. “other illness or injury” If they are experiencing symptoms that you do not deem to be flu-like, or your child has a medical appointment.

  3. “parent excused.” If your child is experiencing no symptoms at all, please choose this. The parent excused absence should only be chosen if you are keeping your child home for a reason that does not pertain to a medical issue. (i.e dance competition)

The child’s attendance is a parent’s indication that this has been completed and the child is able to come to school. Once this messaging is sent out, we should not normally be following up with parents who select parent excused as an absence code. Asking for a medical note for a pre-existing condition should also only occur in rare cases in consultation with admin.

Our guideline for how we handle students with presenting symptoms during the day is the AHS Daily Assessment. If you have any questions, please speak to your admin.


Our Halloween at St. Pat's will take place on Thursday, October 28th. It is inevitable that Halloween will look a bit different this year. We are not permitted to hold our traditional parade but we will be sharing cohort pictures in the Smore.

As parents will not be available to help with costumes (as in the past), we are asking students to come dressed for the day keeping the following in mind:

  • Choose a simple costume that promotes independence. Please minimize accessories etc. as well. This will make classroom work, recess, PE activity, and the use of the washroom much easier. Students will still need to wear their masks at school so please make sure this is possible with the costume they will be wearing that day.
  • Please do not send inflatable costumes.
  • Each class will communicate how they will run some fun "Halloween" activity at some point in the day. You may send a pre-packaged snack for your child to enjoy at this time. There will be no sharing of food items permitted.
  • As done in the past, the majority of the day will be devoted to curriculum.

Thank you for your understanding through this time. We want to ensure students are as safe as possible while enjoying this special day.

Chaplain Corner

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SCHOOL PATROL-in front of school

Our School Safety Patrollers are out in front of the school before and after school now to help our students and parents get across the road safety . Please be sure to use the crosswalk when crossing your child. Crossing the road between buses can be very dangerous and lead to serious in

Also please make sure your child is using the cross walk at the back of the school on 54th Ave. It is a busy road and the using the crosswalk is the safest way for your child to cross the road.

Superflex in KG

This week our Kindergarten classes got to take part in the Superflex Program ran by our FWW Mrs. Kushnerick. The program teaches social awareness and self regulation skills.



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