How to Survive

In the North American Mojave Desert

Location, Geography, and Climate

The Mojave Desert is located in the United States. It goes through California, Arizona, and Nevada. There are mountain ranges, valleys, and lakes. The temperature ranges from 120 degrees fahrenheit during the day. To below 0 degrees fahrenheit at night

4 Steps Needed to Survive

1. First you need to find a good source of water. If you don't you'll die of dehydration

2. You must be well prepared before you go out and do things.

3. It can get really hot during the so try to find some shade to stay cool.

4. At night it can get super cold so you need to bundle up so you don't freez

Animal Life

You may not think so but there is a lot of life here. Like the desert tortoise, red tailed hawk, and the coyote. The coyote can be a yummy meal if well prepared. Now coyotes might attack but rearly attack humans. Also geting a serious ingery is vary unlikly because of it's small size.
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Plan Life

There are many plants like the old man prickly pear cactus. It grows food that is edible and it is edible.You just need to watch out for it's spickes
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