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We've finished uploading courses

Teachers: Please check your email account for an email from ALEKS with your username in it and a way to reset your password. Do not forget to check your Clutter and Junk folders.

If you do not receive the email, go to www.aleks.com and click "Forgot your login info?". Then, enter your CCS email address to receive instructions on resetting your password.

If you are new to CCS or if you taught in another CCS building last year, you have a new account for your new school.

New teachers: If we created an account for you before today, you may have a personal email address associated with your account. That's OK, but you might want to change it to your CCS email address. Click on "Account Summary" to change it.

Note: ALEKS has a place for your home address and other info. That is not needed.


Please get familiar with this document! It contains CCS-specific information on ALEKS. It is updated often. The guide can also be found in the digital binder.


What's next?

Now that your courses are loaded, here are some VERY important things to know.

  1. You can either have students take the initial assessment for the course we put them in (see the guide), or move them into another course right away. For instance, middle school students were placed in RTI courses. It's up to you if you want to move them into Math 6, Math 7, etc.
  2. You can change course names if you wish.
  3. NEW THIS YEAR: The courses that you can move students into have been aligned by objectives to match our curriculum. This allows students to work in ALEKS on topics as you teach them. MS courses were already fairly aligned. However, this is big news for high school level courses. We highly recommend using these new courses. Example: we do not cover chapters 10 - 12 in Precalculus. Therefore, those chapters have been removed from our ALEKS course.
  4. PLEASE follow the steps in our ALEKS guide to create new classes and move students into them. If you move them in any other way, your courses will not be aligned to Ohio's Learning Standards OR our own CCS curriculum documents.
  5. Students need to be given their Login name and password. You can view their information in the Class Roster. Passwords are set to be the student's birthdate and the letter a: 12252007a.
  6. There is a link to ALEKS in Clever. However, that's all it is: a link. Students (and teachers) still need to login with their username and password.
  7. Students can only be enrolled in one class at a time. Each course that a student is enrolled in takes up an entire subscription, and we have a limited number of them. Teachers can share student access with other teachers if they wish to view progress from another course.
  8. In cases where students were scheduled in multiple courses in Infinite Campus, the highest grade-level course was kept.
  9. For middle school accelerated students: students were enrolled in Prealgebra, which combines standards from Math 7 and Math 8.
  10. High School CSCC Bridge course teachers: you have available licenses now to manually enroll your students.

New students, schedule changes, etc.

It's going to happen: some students may have been missed, schedules will change, etc. Here's what you need to know (also appears in the CCS ALEKS guide):

  1. You can move students from one of your classes to another.
  2. Teachers with admin access in your building can move students from one teacher to another teacher.
  3. When students move from one school to another, Steve Hiner will need to move them. If a new student shows up in your class, ask if they have been working in another school. Even if they haven't been working, they could have an account at another school. Ask if they were going to start in a different CCS school this year. We have a limited number of licenses and do not want to create duplicate accounts. Also, we do not want to have the student to start all over. If in doubt, ask Steve.
  4. If a student never shows up in your class, you can "Hide" them in your roster.
  5. In the case of large scale changes to your master schedule, contact Steve - we might be able to do something on our end to help. Examples include entire new sections added to your roster, changes in your teaching assignment, etc.

How do I give students their login info?

This is tricky, since we aren't starting the year face to face. Here are a few ideas.

  1. Download a class roster. Open it in Excel. Remove all columns except Login and ID. Post this document to a Google Classroom or show it quickly during a Zoom meeting, telling students they have 20 seconds to find their info. Then you can deal with issues on on one. You can also sort the data by ID# to make it easier for students to find their info.
  2. Where possible, parent email addresses have been included in the bulk upload. Parents should receive a welcome email with their student login info.
  3. Student email addresses could be entered into each student's ALEKS account. This would have to be done manually since it was not an option during the bulk upload. Then, students could click the "Forgot your login info?" screen and retrieve their password that way.


Having issues not addressed in the ALEKS guide, or has your schedule changed? View helpful Padlets and tips at the link below. Also, feel free to contact Steve.

CCS website: https://www.ccsoh.us/Page/8490

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