Shakespeare Known to Women as a Player

We found a website stating "At eighteen, on paper at least, young William Shakespeare looks like a perfect candidate for the Jerry Springer show."( This reveals that Shakespeare had to go through things that teenagers weren't suppose to go through. It also states "In Shakespeare's time the small hamlet of Shottery was just a pleasant stroll from his home in Stratford, and it is likely that the 18-year-old met 26-year-old Anne Hathaway on one of these walks."( shows us that Shakespeare fell in love at a young age. Once she got pregnant women like Anne Whatley told us that he has been communicating with them and asking them to have sex.Anne states Shakespeare saying "That Anne Whately was Shakespeare's true love but that Anne Hathaway's pregnancy forced his hand." This explains how Shakespeare had to marry Anne Hathaway because she was pregnant.The only person we could interview was Anne Whatley which we saw with him the day before Anne Hathaway gave birth. Anne Whatley said we meet May 26th, 1583 at Stratford Street and he talked to her about how rich he was and that he was in love with her.Anne told us "Anne shared the house with her brother following the death of both her parents." This shows us that Anne Hathaway had gone through a lot. Anne Hathaway could t do nothing Anne Whatley said she told us that Anne Hathaway told her"At 26 Anne's unmarried state must have just been about to become an issue within this rural community where women generally married earlier."A law over marriage wasn't made during the time Anne Hathaway and William Shakespeare got married. She included that he kept asking her to come home with him and have sex but she denied. She told us that weeks later she saw him with another women kissing her and holding her hand and that the women wasn't Anne Hathaway. Is it true that Shakespeare is cheating on his wife with many other women??