Consequences of Tobacco Use

The immediate social and physical consequences of tobacco

How tobacco affects you physically

-It could rot you're teeth

-make lungs black

-Lung cancer

-nails will get yellow

-Heart disease


How tobacco affects you socially

-secondhand smoke

-You would stink

-You won't have any friends ( the ones that don't smoke)

-It will affect infants

-you wouldn't be able to get many jobs

-damage others lungs

How tobacco affects you mentally

-Make you want more nicotine

-Make you more sick often

-Make you Dizzy

-you would get addicted


Tobacco is really bad for you, heres will happen to you if you did it. When you smoke you're teeth will rot, and no one will want to be with you if your teeth became yellow. It also gives you lung cancer. It can give you asthma. You're nails get yellow. It hurts others by secondhand smoke. It affects Infants. There is thirdhand smoke which comes in clothes, curtains, rugs etc. That is why you shouldn't smoke.