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Self-checkout is up! Students NEED to have their student IDs to check out books. They can put them on hold if they want to come back.


  • STUDENT PASSWORD RESETS: please call Oakland Schools (Directory > 435) to reset passwords. Remember, students who try unsuccessfully to login 3 or more times get locked out.
  • SUBSTITUTES: please do not send your classes down with subs to the Learning Commons.
  • COPIES: IF you have class-size overage you can utilize the paraprofessionals above the LC from 9:30-11:30. If you do not have class-size overage, unfortunately you will need to make your own copies as there is no one else designated to do this.

    If there is a hardware issue or damage to a laptop/chromebook/ipad please do the following:

    1. Submit a ticket through Oakland Schools. ( Directory > 435 /
    2. Detail what the issue is, the cart #, and chromebook #.
    3. Put a note on the cart to alert your colleagues that there is an issue so they can plan accordingly.
    4. Do NOT bring it to the LC. Andrew will come pick it up from the cart.


Apple TV Update:

The OS team has made adjustments to the network in order to remedy the connectivity issue. Please try them out this coming week and report any issues via ticket. Make sure to go to settings > bluetooth > and switch it to ON (if it's not already) and connect to your Apple TV via airplay. To connect to your airplay, go to your home screen, swipe upward with your finger and choose airplay. This will allow you to pick your apple tv from the list.

If you need help, contact me! :)

PAST Newsletter Technology Information:

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This is information from the board office. This option has been opened to teachers to look up Student MiStar passwords.

  1. New Applications
  2. Enrollment
  3. Reports
  4. Student Connect Passwords
  5. Create or Export Report


Gale Databases:

Check out all of the awesome databases ROHS! If you need help integrating them into your classroom contact me!

Username: royaloak

Password: ravens


Teaching & Learning Specialist

Need instructional technology assistance?

Want to integrate technology into your lessons and not sure what to do? Know what to do, but would like someone to help teach it with you? Just want to sit down one-on-one with someone? Contact Alyssa Reimold for assistance! : ]