Beebe Honors Math News

February 5, 2016

3rd Grade Honors Math

Place value has been the focus for the last three weeks. This unit has students considering how large a million can be! They have practiced writing, rounding, comparing, and ordering numbers up to the billions. Now they can use exponents and they know that doubling causes numbers to grow very quickly!

Our next unit is fractions. Third graders will be creating equivalent fractions and comparing fractions.


Encourage your child's success by helping practice basic multiplication and division facts. Kakooma at and games at will help to improve fact fluency. We do not spend much time in class working on facts - these need to be practiced at home.

4th Grade Honors Math

Life on the Coordinate plane continues. Students are getting very comfortable with using their address every day to find their desk. They have solved problems by plotting points and have created a drawing of their initials. (I hope you were able to solve that one!)

Multiplying with mixed numbers is the latest focus. They have solved equations, learned to "simplify as you go" and mastered word problems too. This week our class became a farm stand as students "bought" fruits and vegetables. At each farm stand booth, students rolled 2 dice - one typical and one with fractions - to find out how many pounds they should buy. Then they applied that skill of multiplying mixed numbers to figure out the price of their fruits and vegetables. This goes with our focus of make math real and "what makes sense!" Ask your child - it was fun!

The Unit assessment is Tuesday. Our next unit is geometry!

5th Grade Honors Math

Last week several 5th grade students told the class that they had figured out the tip when they went out with their families! Math meets real life!!

5th graders are studying percents. They simulated giving tips and paying taxes at a restaurant. Then they built a Math Mall and simulated shopping with discounts, coupons, and taxes. Ask your child about the math mall project - it was an engaging experience!

Next up is Algebra. Students are analyzing tables and graphs and creating equations based on those. They have been solving equations and using Algebraic thinking. Look at SolveMe to see the kinds of Algebra they enjoy.

Our Canvas Site

Visit our class Canvas site often to see examples of your child's work as well as information from class. I've created a section for pictures and the weekly Kakooma results to show some of our favorite activities!

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