January 2014

Team Newsletter

Happy New Year!!!

The NEW Spring catalog is under way and January offers DOUBLE FREE Hostess Rewards (party retail $600+)!!! Celebrate your hostesses and kick off the new season with a bang! Get your customers motivated with the awesome January Customer Special, for every $35 your customer spends they can purchase one of our eight organizing items at 50% OFF!!!! (items included in the special are, hang-up activity organizer, flip top organizing bin, your way rectangle, your way junior cube, your way cube, room for two utility tote, hang-up space saver, & pack n pull caddy). This is a great promotion for customers that have made a resolution to get organized this year!

January Important Dates

1 - Conference Bucks Incentive begins. Earn January 1 – April 30.

1 - Double Hostess Rewards begin! January 1-31, Double FREE for $600+ Party!

3 - Spring party and retail orders begin shipping.

9 - Last day to register to attend February Celebrate & Connect.

13 - Late Registration ($5 fee) to attend February Celebrate & Connect

21 - Last day for February Celebrate & Connect Late Registration ($5 fee)

31 - Staggered month-end

I'm looking forward to YOUR success in 2014!


December Stats

Team Stats

Team Sales - $83,298.84

New Team Members - 3

Crissy's Stats

PV - $2,126.97


Now even MORE ways to earn Conference Bucks!!!!

Thirty-One is giving us a great way experience just how fun and inspiring Conference is, which is why they're helping pay your way to attend!

Through our Conference Bucks incentive, you can earn up to $200 off the cost of registration, plus exclusive products and business supplies that will help you grow your business. The earning period runs from January 1 to April 30, 2014.

Get all the details here: http://www.thirtyonetoday.com/Incentive/conferencebucks.aspx!

Don't miss out - Register Now!

Save your spot at February’s Celebrate & Connect meeting, where you’ll receive a brand new product and learn easy ways to share the Thirty-One opportunity with recruits!

Consultant Registration will be available from Thursday, December 26 – Thursday, January 9, at 11:59 p.m. EST.

Meetings will be held February 1-8.

To register, go to the Celebrate & Connect page under the “Events” tab. You’re welcome to register for any meeting that’s convenient for you. Some meetings may have limited seating, so sign up soon!

If you have any questions about registration, contact the Home Office at celebrateandconnect@thirtyonegifts.com.

It's Back!!!

We have great news you’re sure to cheer about! The Megaphone Icon-It is returning for the Spring season! We know this is a popular Icon-It, and we bet your Customers will be happy to know it’s still available.

You won’t see it in the Spring Catalog, but the Megaphone Icon-It will be available in your Virtual Office for ordering: for $10 with text and $7 without text.

It’s also listed in the Icon-It section of the Icon-It Personalization Guide, which you can find in the Toolbox on ThirtyOneToday.com. It’s available now, so make sure to spread the word to your Customers!

January Birthdays

Kristen Watson, Victoria Brigman, Melissa Kiernan

January Anniversaries

Victoria Dietzel, Charlene Medlin, Marjorie Ott, Kimberly Nessa, Samantha Dronenburg, Jennifer Schindler, Stephanie McWatters

$1,000+ PV

Lenae Treon


Tiffany Anderson


Lindsay Littleton


Kimberly Collier


Tanya Colliflower


$500-$999 PV

Kimberly Oliver


Nicole Orem


Moriah Brashear


Lori Cherry


Jennifer Rotondo Moley


Patti Swift


Brittney Kjormoe


Rebecca Bowles


Marjorie Ott


Melanie Fulmer


Alana Porter


Crissy's Assistant

Julie Harrison