Anne Frank

A biography by: Caitlyn Rausch

Why i choose this person?

I choose Anne Frank because she was a very interesting little girl, and I never even knew about Anne until I watched a movie about her, and i sure did learn a lot from that movie.

I hope that when you read my flyer, that you will at least learn something you've haven't heard before. I worked really hard on this, and I hope you like it!!!!

Basic Information

Anne Frank was born on June 12, 1929 in Frankfurt, Germany. Her, and her family lived in Amsterdam, when the world war 2 happened along with the holocaust. They were found and got sent to camps and she died in March 1945 in Lower Saxony, Germany, at the age of 15.

Early Childhood

When Anne Frank was born, her and her family did not follow any of the Jewish traditions, nor did they follow any of the customs. When ever Hitler came into town, he wanted to kill every single Jew. She had to go hungry to bed, she had to take very few showers, and didn't have a whole lot to do especially if you could never go outside.

Life Story

Anne Frank was a very smart, and cheerful kind of girl. She went to school called Sixth Montessori School. She loved it there with her friends.Everyone loved her. During the Holocaust, her family had to go into hiding. Her family had to leave everything behind, while she was hiding her father had got her a diary. She loved it. While they were hiding she never liked her mother. On her birthday her dad had got her a bar of chocolate, (chocolate was very expensive back then, mainly only wealthy people got it.) She wrote in her diary everyday no matter what. One day soldiers found Anne and her family took them to transit camps ,and her father lasted the longest but they all died of starvation. One day her father came home and found Anne's diary on the floor and picked it up and soon published her diary for the whole world to see. Otto Frank wished she was there to see it get published.She had a huge love effect with her family especially her dad.

Anne's Family

  • Her father was: Otto Frank
  • Her mother was: Edith Frank
  • Her sister was: Margot Frank
  • When they went to hiding her other family members lived there with her.

Interesting Facts

  1. she loved to write.
  2. she was very independent.
  3. her family had to be so quiet so they wouldn't been found during the Holocaust.


She never had a job because of the holocaust, and the war.

But, she really wanted to become a Writer, that was her dream.

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