Human Trafficking


Whats the issue?

Human trafficking is the act of forcing someone to do either work for another individual or be forced into sex slavery. There are many men and women being sold into sex slavery and work slavery. There is an estimated 17,000 Americans being sold into sex slavery IN America.

Growing Crime Rates

The Problem Continues

Human Trafficking is one of the largest growing crimes in the world right now, currently it is the second most growth of all the different crimes commited. Why is it growing? One answer to that question is the massive corruption in police forces and Legislation.

Why doesn't someone do something?

Simply put, the organizations often times include high rankiing officials in the government, businesses, and police. These organizations can be dangerous to strike against or speak out against. This deters any change happening soon. Another reason not much has been done is because it would take a massive amount of effort and money to actually get something done, and often times people dont want to spend money or time trying because it is currently not a large issue in the world view. Its often times swept under the rug so to speak.
Sex Trafficking Awareness