The IgLoo


Get The Facts

There are many reasons why this fabulous, breezy house is a wonderful place to live. To begin, there is a great view of the valley all around! & it is a small, adorable home for ice fishermen to live while they enjoy ice fishing. You would be able to see unknown animal you would usually would not see, such as polar bears, seals, etc. It is just a fantasic home!

Some interesting facts about this little home are:

  • Able to go ice fishing
  • Cold breeze that comes in
  • No neighbors to bug you
  • See unknown animals you don't see everyday
  • Build-on to make it nice and cozy for you and your family

Cold little place!

Ice fishing all around you. Neat animals to be seen. If you like the cold then this is the house for you. If you are interested in the house please contact 1-800-650-7482