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Navigating the Five C's TOGETHER

November 1, 2013

Welcome, November!

Conferences are finished and were a huge success! It is not normal for a Principal to have ZERO emails, phone calls, or meetings after a conference session. This tells me that we have a lot of happy customers! Like I have stated before, I am impressed with the level of work you do and look forward to growing with you professionally.

THANK YOU and Keep Sailing!


Cell Phone: (920) 819-8416

Educator Effectiveness- Surveys

Here is an excerpt that you recently received via email from Ryan Welnetz- "I highly recommend that you watch this screencast from Amanda Waldo - - as she does an excellent job of explaining this process for you. It is about 4 minutes long, but should answer all or most questions that you have about the Student / Client surveys. At the same time, don’t hesitate to contact me or your principal if you have questions or need further support."

I watched the video and found it to be very informative!

Guided Reading- Literacy PD Plan

I have been thinking very hard about the best way to move us forward with our knowledge and skills in the area of Literacy. We are very lucky to have Alison Hamacher on our staff to provide us with the necessary supports in this area and we need to take advantage of it. My top priorities this year (school goal) are to grow our Universal Literacy knowledge as a school while we increase our knowledge on individual students and planning the best ways to make them grow. For this reason, I Would like to move forward with the Jan Richardson Book Study as an entire Staff. By having everyone working through the same material, it provides a better ability to have richer conversations while providing consistent supports. More information will come regarding this.


Please sign up for the Jan Richardson Schoology course that Alison has put together.

The book study course code for Schoology is:

Access Code


PD and Staff meeting Plan / information:

First staff meeting of the month- Literacy focus (Guided Reading)

Second Staff Meeting- technology focus (SAMR- multiple options for learning)

*** MARK YOUR CALENDAR- Nov. 14 Book Study meeting (All staff)- 7:45am. Due to this addition, the Nov. 21st staff meeting tech PD will be OPTIONAL. Show up to the tech. sessions you would like to learn about. <a calendar of tech. learning options to follow>

November 7th Staff meeting

Start: 7:40, End: 8:25

Please bring your Macbook, iPad, a couple Running Records and your Jan Richardson Book. We will begin with a Macbook / Airplay minilesson, short business items and then move on to digging deeper with MSV while providing time to work together.


First staff meeting of the month- Literacy focus

Second staff meeting- Technology

Technology PD

Technology PD Plan:

As you are realizing, there is not enough time in our schedule to provide whole group PD in all the areas we need to grow our knowledge on. Because of this, we will provide numerous short tech learning opportunities before school, after school, and other times that may fit! We are working on solidifying a learning schedule so you will know your options. As a professional, you will still need to seek out other people and materials to build your knowledge in the area of technology.

Technology supports we have in our school:



Peer Coaches: Lauren, Kara, Lydia, Alison, Nicole

Other staff who have attended Kuglin or are just comfortable with tech

21st Century Reporting

Every Student, Every "C", Every Semester

As we transition from Life Long Learning to teaching / reporting out on the 21st Century Skills, please ease your way into incorporating the C's into what you are doing. Remember the rubrics that are out there and the other information that can be found on:

Be sure to talk with your students about the 21st Century Skills. If you are going to report out on a benchmark, be sure students have a good sense of what it means and how it is measured.

Video from Andrea regarding the transition from Life Long Learning to 21st Century Skills:

Link to a great document with description and examples regarding 21st century

Because the below C (#3) is hit so hard in the ELA CCSS and reported on, you will NOT need to report on the this 21st Century Skill.

3. Students will communicate.
Identify key ideas and details when reading and listening to information.
Articulate thoughts and ideas effectively using oral, written, and non-verbal communication skills in a variety of forms and contexts.

***IF you have further questions, please contact me directly or Lauren Olsen (BH 21st Century Rep.)

Report Cards= Paperless

Report Cards are paperless this year. Thank you for communicating this at conferences. The office will also be sending further communications about this change. The input process should be the same as you have done in the past.


  • November 8- End of First Quarter
  • November 14- Grades due and FINALIZED in PowerSchool
  • Novemebr 15- Report Card message sent home via Connect Ed.

***If you have have ANY PowerSchool report card questions, please let me know.

Threat to Self and Others Reporting

In the event of a situation where you feel a student is a threat to self or others, it is necessary to contact somebody in our school from pupil services (Jen Woulf, Rene Vogel, Maureen Mommaerts) to assess the level of threat and to document in powerschool.

From the Desk of the Secretaries

Printing and Laminating

As a reminder, we are working hard to watch what we print in house and out of house. As you are about to make copies, ask yourself: Does this really need to be in color?Does Everybody need a copy? Can I do this electronically instead?

Please keep these $$$$ things in mind also as you are choosing printing options:

Color Copies on the HP4700: 8 to 10 cents each

Color Copies from Print Center: 3 cents each

Color Copies from Print Center for Laminating: 6 cents each

Conference Attendance

By Monday, please send me your “conference attendance”….example: 20/21 (means 20 out of 21 of your students had a parent/guardian come to a conference). You can count a phone conference or an IEP as “having attended”. The district office always wants this information.

Bay Harbor Family Game Night

Friday, Nov. 8th 2013 at 5:30-7:30pm

1590 Harbor Lights Road

Suamico, WI

The PTO will be putting on a Family Game night this Friday evening. Your attendance is optional, but if you can pop in and show your face for a few minutes it is always a highlight of the night for the kids and families. The "little" things go a LONG way sometimes!

Past Items that are Relevant

SRT Process

The SRT sign-up form is housed on the staff website.


Password: #sailorpride

There comes times where you feel you need more assistance and support with a student or student(s). When you feel that your tricks and treats are not working, and that there may be more going on with this struggling learner, than SRT is for you. Below you will find a direct link to the sign-up form. Please continue to support each other as well as utilize all supports in our school.

Click Here to view the document or to sign-up. Once a form is submitted, you will be sent an invitation to the first SRT opening.

It's Hard to know if you don't know you know?

CLICK HERE to document things you would like to know more about. I will keep this as a standing item on my newsletter. From your feedback, I will either meet with you individually, as a team, or get information to the entire staff depending on the common themes. As always, PLEASE feel free to contact me directly as well.
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